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How to Determine if Traditional Education is Not Working for Your Child

Schools all over the country are back in session for the fall and parents are posting “first day of school” pictures all over social media. But beneath those smiles, some students are struggling with traditional education.

How do parents know when they should make a change for their children?

Students are not engaged

Common Misconceptions About Online School

Many students and families got a taste of online school during the Covid-19 pandemic. For some, online education was a positive experience. However, depending on how the local district implemented it, for some students, it was more of a mixed experience. Regardless, many students and families came out of the experience with some misconceptions about online education. 

How Do Life Coaches Help Online Students?

As more and more families are switching to online schools from traditional “brick and mortar” schools, students and parents are noticing the support systems online schools have for their students. However, families who are used to traditional support roles such as “teacher” and “counselor”, may have some questions about the roles and responsibilities of online school staff members. Many families are wondering, what is a Life Coach, and how do they help online students? 

Tips for Transitioning from Public to Online School

Parents and students are taking advantage of all the benefits of attending online school. Some students can focus better in an online environment, while others need a more flexible schedule. However, families may wonder how to make the transition from walking into a brick and mortar school each day to attending virtual meetings and online classes. How can students make a smooth transition and succeed in their online education?

Set a Schedule

How To Enroll In Online School With GlobalED Solutions

More and more, families are choosing to enroll their students in online schools.  Attending school online has many advantages, including flexibility, fewer distractions, and increased safety from in-person bullying.  But once parents and students have made the decision to enroll, what is the process?  

These are the steps for enrolling with GlobalED Solutions, powered by Hope Online, which offers free public online learning for high school students.

1. Visit Our Website

How to Encourage Kids to Try New Things

Parents want their children to take advantage of all available opportunities.  This may mean trying a new activity, getting creative, switching schools, or switching from traditional school to online learning. However, when a child is introduced to something new, they don’t always respond with excitement. In fact, some children are reluctant to try anything new at all.

5 Research Backed Studying Techniques

Online students are taking charge of their education, and that means taking charge of their study habits.  A good study routine can begin in middle or high school and can serve students well in their futures, whether they are learning new skills at work or studying in college to earn a certificate or degree.

Take Notes

How Choosing an Online School Provides Safety for Students

Due to recent events, concern for our children’s safety at school has been at the forefront of our national consciousness. Education is at the core of our values as a society, but how can we keep our children safe as they learn? For some parents, enrolling their students in online school has provided them with peace of mind.  


Physical Safety

Why GlobalAdvantage?

Colorado high school students have many choices, from traditional brick-and-mortar schools to a variety of online options. Why are some families choosing Global Advantage? What makes Global Advantage - powered by HOPE Online Learning Academy - an outstanding school?

High Quality Academics

Tips for Balancing Online School and Parenting

Ask any parent, and they will tell you, taking care of a child is a big job! Even so, it is possible to complete your education online while balancing your job as a parent. It will be challenging, but the benefits to you and your child will outweigh the costs for years to come. Read on to discover a few tips for balancing online school and parenting.