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Why GlobalEd Solutions?

We are a global education leader that takes pride in providing blended/online educational programs operating out of Education Zones across the U.S. Our staff has hundreds of years of combined experience in education and operating online and network schools, which provide our team all the experience and expertise needed to achieve excellence. With Education Zones in 18 counties throughout Colorado, we have served more than 12,000 full-time students with our graduates also obtaining a nationally recognized workforce readiness certification.

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding education, with a focus on blended learning, career certification pathways, and training and concurrent enrollment to a diverse student population. Our program is designed to ensure that all students graduate with the academic, technological, and life skills necessary to be successful in postsecondary institutions as well as in the competitive workforce of today and beyond.


Our unique approach to education allows students of all abilities, interests and circumstances to grow through virtual and hands-on learning. This flexible arrangement helps make education more accessible to all.


We have an accountability culture with every student assigned an Enrichment Life Coach Teacher to stand side-by-side with the student as the student works through both school and life challenges. We use an Online/Blended Learning model in which students can work at their own pace on their own computer or a school-issued one.


We offer one-on-one academic assistance. Our schoolwide instructional assessment and support services are best practices which analyze and assess every student's individual needs and educational pathway. We also offer Virtual Reality interactive courses to assist in engaging students at all learning levels.


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At GlobalEd Solutions, all students are required to complete a plan of study. Our requirements are aligned to Colorado's higher education state standards as well as those of AdvanceED, the internationally recognized accrediting institution through which GlobalEd Solutions schools are accredited.

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We pair highly qualified, state-certified online teachers and experienced life coaches to open a world of opportunity to help support your graduation success.

Our Mission, Vision, and Promise to You

Teachers Empowering Students

Our Mission

Empowering the world to achieve greatness, one individual, one organization, one community at a time.

Our Vision

Ignited by passion, we will be the worldwide leader of innovative, effective and efficient solutions to create a better world.

Our Promise

We promise to use business as a force for good, providing innovative, effective, and efficient solutions for the betterment of mankind and offering outstanding customer service with every action we take.

Our Team

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Careers at GlobalEd Solutions

Why Join the GlobalEd Solutions team?

  1. GlobalEd Solutions is a highly experienced professional team of mission-driven individuals who share a common passion.

  2. We're a team of visualization experts who are nationally recognized for our innovative approach to education.

  3. We are here to serve students enrolled in our schools while consulting, managing, and creating programs to deliver results that improve the process and practice of teaching and learning across the globe.

GlobalEd Solutions was formed in 2011, to serve children and adult learners everywhere who deserve the best possible opportunity for life success, regardless of their life challenges and situation. GlobalEd Solutions is a professional Education Management Organization committed to ensuring those opportunities are available to young people and adult learners. GlobalEd Solutions was converted to a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation in 2014.

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