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Online High School Classes

GlobalED offers blended and online educational programs for high school students across the state of Colorado as well as areas throughout the United States. Our online high school classes help engage students in their studies and provide additional support when needed. If you’ve been looking for a flexible online high school in Colorado, GlobalED can help. Our online high school programs help students learn the skills they need to succeed while giving them experience in various areas, including:

Technology, 3D printing, and robotics

Local, regional, national, and international travel

Trips to museums, art exhibits, and historical sites

Workshops, guest artists, and performances

Sports training and competition

And more!

Our Flexible Online High Schools

Our online high school classes are delivered through three schools that focus on different learning and teaching methods. These include:

AIM Global– Grades 6 through 12 can experience education beyond the traditional system with online school classes designed specifically for them. Hands-on learning and one on one support make this a popular option for those who wish to achieve, inspire, and motivate.

Immersion Schools – Our STEAM-focused Immersion School helps prepare students for college by focusing on arts, sciences, and technology. Students who wish to pursue theater, dance, circus arts, biology, forensic sciences, web design, and more will find their heaven in our Immersion School!

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited – A fun and exploratory way for adult students to thrive in personal, academic, and professional settings. This flexible online high school is a great option for those looking to pursue college or jump right into the workforce.

Why Us?

GlobalED provides our community with tuition-free online high school classes in Colorado, though we have options across the country as well. Our teachers bring hundreds of combined years of experience to our various programs and are focused on helping students achieve their educational goals.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have questions about our online high school classes or know someone who could benefit from a flexible online high school option in Colorado or across the country, call an admission specialist today and we will be happy to help!