How Choosing an Online School Provides Safety for Students

Due to recent events, concern for our children’s safety at school has been at the forefront of our national consciousness. Education is at the core of our values as a society, but how can we keep our children safe as they learn? For some parents, enrolling their students in online school has provided them with peace of mind.  


Physical Safety

Parents of students in online school get to decide where and when their children learn. Children can learn from home, while traveling, at a library or coffee shop, or anywhere they can connect to the internet. This aspect of online learning allows parents to keep their kids at home when there is a safety risk, whether it be the threat of violence, infectious disease, or even extreme weather.


Social Safety

Bullying is an issue some of our young people face on a daily basis. For some students, attending online school provides a space to learn free from the social pressures they experience in traditional school settings. Students can learn at their own pace, and they can do so without any social stigma attached. None of their peers need to know what reading level they are at or which math class they attend. Students can manage their social lives separately from their education.


Emotional Safety

Students everywhere have dealt with many emotional ups and downs since the advent of Covid-19, quarantines, and lock-downs. Schooling in many districts nationwide went from in-person to hurriedly slapped together online plans, and back to in-person, but with everyone wearing masks and keeping distance from each other. This has taken an emotional toll on students almost everywhere. However, for those students enrolled in online school, their schooling stayed more or less the same throughout the pandemic. They already had a high quality online plan for their education and they were able to continue on that plan.


Online schooling is becoming the obvious choice for many parents. Not only does it provide a high quality education, it provides stability and allows for peace of mind that students are as safe as they can be while learning. For more information on how online schooling with GlobalED Solutions can benefit your student, give us a call or see our enrollment options.