Tips for Balancing Online School and Parenting

Ask any parent, and they will tell you, taking care of a child is a big job! Even so, it is possible to complete your education online while balancing your job as a parent. It will be challenging, but the benefits to you and your child will outweigh the costs for years to come. Read on to discover a few tips for balancing online school and parenting.



The most important first step is to make sure the people on your team know what challenges you are facing. Reach out to your coach, mentor, counselor, or a teacher you feel comfortable with. Your online school likely has access to wrap-around services that can provide you with help from pregnancy through pre-school. Trying to manage everything on your own is not good for you or your child.


Reach Out

Besides your online school team, you may also have a “home team”. Reach out to your family members and friends.  Even a younger sibling may be able to watch the baby while you study. Your child can stay nearby, with someone else to hold or entertain them. Of course, if you have a trusted and competent babysitter, they will be invaluable when you need to complete important assignments or when you have to take a test.


Set a Routine

When balancing school and parenting, having a routine can help you to plan and schedule your days - most days! There will be times when nap time is delayed or doesn’t happen at all, but if you can keep your child on a familiar daily schedule most of the time, you will be able to find the quiet times. Naptime is a great time to get some schoolwork done! As your child grows, they will be able to entertain themselves for a few minutes at a time with simple and safe toys. Older preschoolers love to pretend to do their “schoolwork” while you do yours. In time, you will find creative ways to manage your time, both as a parent and a student.


Completing your education online as a parent will mean you will be juggling responsibilities, but you will learn valuable time management skills. Most importantly, you will earn your diploma, something both you and your child will be proud of! Learn more about how parents can benefit from our Enrichment Life Coaches who partner with students to provide support and guidence throughout their online education journey!