Online Middle School in Colorado

GlobalED is committed to providing the best online middle schools in Colorado as well as across the country. Our middle school online classes offer students the tools they need to develop a broad knowledge in different topics and learn skills that will set them up for success. Our online middle schools are available to all Colorado students and provides experience in numerous areas, including:

Technology, robotics, and 3D printing

Local, national, and international travel

Trips to art exhibits, museums, and historical sites

Guest artists, workshops, and performances

Sports training and competition

And more!

Our Online Middle Schools

Our online middle schools in Colorado provide students with different methods of teaching. These include:

AIM Global– Students from grade 6-12 are given a learning experience that strays from the traditional system to offer a more rounded education. Middle school online classes are blended offering hands-on learning and one on one support.

GlobalED Solutions Unlimited – Our middle school students enjoy a fun method of learning that focuses on preparing them for personal, academic, and professional settings. Whether you’re planning ahead for college or want to join the workforce straight away, our online middle schools will help you create a path to success and equip you with the tools you need to reach it.

Why Us?

Our goal is to offer free online middle school classes to our community and provide students both in our state and across the country access to quality education that will prepare them for the future. Our online middle schools in Colorado are made possible by our teachers, who bring hundreds of combined years of experience to the table.

Ready To Get Started?

If you have questions about our online middle school classes or know someone who could benefit from a flexible online middle chool option in Colorado or across the country, call an admission specialist today and we will be happy to help!