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Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Education

Talk in the education community regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its effects on education is everywhere, and a lot of it is negative. Afterall, no one wants students using AI to do their homework and write papers for them. However, AI can be used in education in many positive ways that are still being discovered. At GlobalED, AI is being used to help students find their optimal career paths.

How It Works

Back To School Bootcamp

Going back to school can be intimidating for students of all ages. This is especially true if a student is trying something new, like online school, or transitioning from middle to high school. If a student has had a negative experience in the past, this makes back to school even more difficult. 

An Online School With a Personal Touch

We live in an increasingly digital world, with many people performing most of their daily work online. It follows that our students are also experiencing online education and online schools are appearing everywhere. With so much of their experience online, how can we ensure our students are getting the personal attention they need in order to thrive?

GlobalED Solutions, which operates online and blended learning schools across the nation, has developed a unique organizational model that puts the student first!

Enrichment Life Coach

Bridging the Gap From High School to Career

Quality education paves the way for a bright future for the next generation, but an education has to be relevant to current trends. Students and families have many choices in front of them, especially with the recent explosion in online learning. However, choosing the right school is easy with the right information. Families should ask the question,  

“How will this school help each student get from high school to their career?”

Three Things That Make an Online School Stand Out

Lots of online high schools are making big promises about the success of their students. It can be difficult for families and students to discern which school is right for them. A school may offer the latest and greatest in educational trends, but unless they are informed by data on the needs and wants of their students, they are not likely to find much success. Beyond being data informed, a school’s entire staff should have a can-do spirit, the kind of attitude that is contagious to their students, and should be actively collaborating in their local community.

Every Student Is Unique. Their School Should Be Too!

Every Student Is Unique. Their School Should Be Too!

Many students and families have already made the decision to attend online school in the fall, but how do they choose the right one? More and more families are seeing the benefits of online learning, and the education community is responding by offering more options every day. With so many choices, how can families make sure they are making the right decision for their student?

Students First

How Students Can Avoid the Summer Slide

Students and teachers across the country celebrate the last day of school as families prepare for summer vacation and enjoyment. Summer is a great time to try new activities and enjoy family and friends. But what about all the knowledge and skills gained during the school year? Will students be able to retain what they have learned for the fall? 

Enrollment is Now Open at GlobalAdvantage for 2023-24 school year!

GlobalAdvantage Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dana Lambert and Fred Galves with Community Engagement at CSU Pueblo announces Open Enrollment for the 2023-2024 School Year on Fox21 News during the Loving Living Local morning segment. Krista Witiak learns about the program and asks some insightful questions about the tuition-free GlobalAdvantage School, it’s innovative programs including career paths, apprenticeships, and dual enrollment opportunities with CSU Pueblo.

High School to Career Pathways

High school graduation is just around the corner for many high school seniors and their families. Some students have some idea of their path moving forward, whether it is college or technical training, or entering the workforce right away. However, there are a growing number of high school graduates who are feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to future planning. What can schools do to ensure their graduates have every opportunity to chart a path forward that works for them?

Start Early

How to Help Students Overcome Test Anxiety

Students nationwide are preparing for state and national standardized tests, and for some, this means they are already experiencing test anxiety. Whether they are in traditional, online, or alternative schools, most students are required to participate in some sort of standardized testing. While some will exercise rights to “opt out” of testing, the majority of students will test, whether it is to comply with school expectations or to have scores for college admissions.