Our Programs

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Global Arts

Help students effectively use every available hour of the school day to prepare to successfully transition into a fine arts degree or to enter the creative arts marketplace. Using a blended learning platform, we develop collaborative, out-of-the-box problem solvers with well-rounded exposure to different mediums, genres, and forms of artistic expression, all while allowing students the flexibility to earn high school credit for arts training.

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Global Sports

Keeping up with academic demands while maintaining a busy sports schedule can be a challenge even for the most dedicated student athletes. Our schools allow student athletes to work through in their curriculum virtually, while pursuing sports passions onsite and in one of their athletic pathways. All courses in the Global Sports program are NCAA certified.

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Experiential and Service Learning

Not all learning occurs in a classroom or in front of a computer. Our experiential education brings to life world-class learning experiences through a wide variety of learning opportunities. Students will experience activities like wilderness-based travel, job training, internships, service-learning opportunities, and more!

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Career Preparation

We offer students multiple career pathways designed to equip them the skills necessary to successfully enter the workforce. Key elements include cosmetology, computer information systems, construction, welding, hospitality and customer service, tourism, technology, fire science, criminal justice, nursing, and more!

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We pair highly qualified, state-certified online teachers and experienced life coaches to open a world of opportunity to help support your graduation success.