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Five Things A Student Needs to Be Successful in an Online Environment

At GlobalED Solutions, we have been educating students online since we started! We know what works! Aside from the obvious, like access to technology and an internet connection, both of which we can help provide for our students, here are five things we feel are necessary to be successful in an online learning environment. All of them can be summed up by the word “Connection,” and not the Wi-Fi kind!

4 Tips to Navigate the College Selection Process with Your Child

It's never too early to start the conversation about college with your child. What are some things that you as a parent can do with your child without completely taking over the college admissions and selection process? Here are some tips on how parents can support their child as he or she makes this significant decision about his or her academic future.

What Is Blended Learning?

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a model that uses a mix of both online learning and in-person instructional methods. What makes blended learning such a powerful educational model is that it gives us the ability to support students in the most effective way considering each individual’s situation, offering both flexibility and a high level of support.

Our Secret Sauce

GlobalED Solutions has a "secret sauce" that not only sets us apart as one of the Nation’s most progressive online education companies but also as one of the world’s foremost supporters of students and families who choose an online, flexible, and blended learning journey. That secret sauce is GlobalED Solutions’ Enrichment Life Coach for middle and high school students. GlobalED Solutions employs diverse people as Life Coaches, encompassing many skills, talents, and ambitions.

Supporting The Invisible

During this time in our Nation’s history when citizens are focusing on equality and the challenges of marginalized communities, the story of GlobalED Solutions must be told: a story that has not changed since its inception. ​GlobalED Solutions has been supporting the invisible for some time, continuing to welcome students who need another chance and come to the table with hope instead of a predetermined bias.