Common Misconceptions About Online School

Many students and families got a taste of online school during the Covid-19 pandemic. For some, online education was a positive experience. However, depending on how the local district implemented it, for some students, it was more of a mixed experience. Regardless, many students and families came out of the experience with some misconceptions about online education. 

Established online education providers like GlobalEd Solutions have been creating and using educational solutions that work for their students for years. These schools and their students did not experience the disruption that traditional schools did during the height of the pandemic. They did not have to suddenly produce a new curriculum and establish new norms for their classes. Their methods are tried and true!

Below are some common misconceptions about online school that simply are not true of established online schools. 

Misconception #1: There is no contact with teachers or other students

Many students picture online school as they perhaps experienced it during a quarantine. They were lonely and isolated. This is simply not the case for regular online school! GlobalEd Solutions offers drop-in education zones where students can interact with other students, get help in their coursework, and meet with their learning coaches. Additionally, teachers are only a click away! Most online teachers are available beyond the hours of a traditional classroom teacher. Students can reach out through many different online platforms, can attend live lesson sessions, and receive tutoring and feedback through video conferencing, chats, or emails.

Misconception #2: Quality is lower and courses are easier

Though some students who have never taken a fully online course, may think that the quality of an online course is lower than that of a traditional class, nothing could be further from the truth! Online schools create high quality, standards aligned curriculum. In addition, these courses are taught by fully licensed and credentialed teachers. Just because the curriculum is delivered in a new way, does not mean that it is any less rigorous or effective than curriculum delivered in a traditional classroom.

Misconception #3: There is no time limit for completing courses

Because students in online school can generally work at their own pace, some students believe that online classes don’t have deadlines and time limits. This is simply not true. While their daily schedule has more flexibility than that of their traditional peers, online students must turn in assignments on time and finish their coursework in a timely manner. 

Online school is just as rigorous and effective as traditional education. Some students even find they have better focus without the social distractions of a classroom and they have more direct access to teachers, even outside of traditional hours. Students do have deadlines and time limits, however, their day to day schedule can be much more flexible than “brick and mortar” school schedules, allowing students to take control of their own education. 


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