How To Enroll In Online School With GlobalED Solutions

More and more, families are choosing to enroll their students in online schools.  Attending school online has many advantages, including flexibility, fewer distractions, and increased safety from in-person bullying.  But once parents and students have made the decision to enroll, what is the process?  

These are the steps for enrolling with GlobalED Solutions, powered by Hope Online, which offers free public online learning for high school students.

1. Visit Our Website

The first step to enrolling in online school with GlobalED Solutions is to visit our website to learn about our academics, career pathways, or our programs and clubs offered by GlobalED Solutions. The website has lots of useful information on classes and programs and all the things GlobalED has to offer. There is even an option to try a free course in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). This SEL course, focused on Motivation, is just a sample of the support students have access to once enrolled.

2.  Click on “Enroll”

Under any tab, GlobalED has the opportunity to “Enroll Today” in the upper left of the screen, or to “Learn How to Enroll” by clicking on the small button at the center bottom of the screen. Once a parent or student has chosen “Enroll Today”, they will be offered a short contact form to fill out with name, email, and phone number. An email is immediately generated once this form is submitted. At any time, enrollment specialists can be reached by calling 1-855-695-3354.

3.  Check for an Email

Once a parent or student has filled out the “Enroll Today” form, they should receive an email with further instructions. GlobalED support is available every step of the way at the phone number listed above, but the email will direct the applicant to the appropriate application form.

4.  Choose the Correct School

GlobalED offers two different options to choose from. Traditional high school students can apply to GlobalAdvantage, powered by Hope Online by choosing the link below, which is also available in the email:

Apply to GlobalAdvantage, powered by Hope Online

The above link will take applicants to Infinite Campus where students will apply for the free public high school. Applicants will follow the prompts and provide the correct information and documents to enroll in school.

Some students, including middle schoolers, students over age 21, and applicants outside of Colorado, will choose GlobalED Unlimited. This is a paid program for middle school, high school, and adult students looking to earn a high school diploma. Applicants will fill out the form, submit, and they are on their way to completing high school!

Apply to GlobalED Unlimited

5. Stay Informed

Once the applications and documentation have been submitted, applicants should check their email, respond where needed, and return any phone calls they receive. It is important to stay active and involved, so students don’t miss out on fun activities at the EDZones, Bootcamp/Orientation, and more!

Enrolling in online school with GlobalED Solutions is not complicated. It requires applicants to fill out standard enrollment forms and provide documents such as birth certificates and vaccine records, just like a traditional school requires. Students who complete their online application will soon get a chance to meet their personal Enrichment Life Coach (ELC), their teachers, and the whole team there to support them when they enroll with GlobalED!

For more information, or if you would like to speak with an admissions specialist before making the decision to begin the enrollment process, give us a call today.