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High School to Career Pathways

High school graduation is just around the corner for many high school seniors and their families. Some students have some idea of their path moving forward, whether it is college or technical training, or entering the workforce right away. However, there are a growing number of high school graduates who are feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to future planning. What can schools do to ensure their graduates have every opportunity to chart a path forward that works for them?

Start Early

How to Help Students Overcome Test Anxiety

Students nationwide are preparing for state and national standardized tests, and for some, this means they are already experiencing test anxiety. Whether they are in traditional, online, or alternative schools, most students are required to participate in some sort of standardized testing. While some will exercise rights to “opt out” of testing, the majority of students will test, whether it is to comply with school expectations or to have scores for college admissions.

How Online School Prepares Students for the Workforce

Many schools, educators, and parents are focused on college readiness and getting students accepted to the “right” college. A four year degree is a great path for some students whose future goals require that level of education or even a higher degree. However, there are many well-paying careers that do not require a four year degree. How are schools, and particularly online schools, serving these students and ensuring that they have the skills and background necessary for success in their career paths?

Workforce Readiness

How to Establish a Successful Online Learning Routine

Online learning offers students the opportunity to create their own learning schedule and routine. However, some students may struggle to create a working schedule. They may end up procrastinating their work, spending time on social media or binge watching Netflix. How can students set themselves up for success with a learning routine that works for them, and how can parents support this process for their students?

Embrace Flexible Scheduling

Getting Ahead With Online School

 A lot has been said about the importance of time management for students, especially online students. Those who are successful at managing their time will do well, but online high school students who excel at using their time wisely may even be able to work ahead. This can be an advantage in many ways.

How to Determine if Online Learning is Right for Your Middle School Student

Middle school students are in a period of transition in many ways. They are discovering what kind of learners they are, what their defining interests are, and many more things about themselves. Is online learning appropriate at this time in a student’s life?

Social Pressures

Is Online School Better For People With ADHD?

Every student is different, and the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education does not work for all students. Some students with ADHD fall into this category and are struggling just to get through the day in a brick and mortar school setting. Could online school be a good option for students with ADHD?