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How to Determine if Online Learning is Right for Your Middle School Student

Middle school students are in a period of transition in many ways. They are discovering what kind of learners they are, what their defining interests are, and many more things about themselves. Is online learning appropriate at this time in a student’s life?

Social Pressures

Is Online School Better For People With ADHD?

Every student is different, and the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education does not work for all students. Some students with ADHD fall into this category and are struggling just to get through the day in a brick and mortar school setting. Could online school be a good option for students with ADHD?

How Can Online Students Balance Difficult Subjects and Still Manage Their Time?

Students in online school have more control over their schedules, and this flexibility helps many students to better manage their time. However, some students may struggle with subjects that are harder for them to understand. They may put off working in these subjects and focus on the easier lessons. At Global Advantage, there is a plan in place to help students to change their habits, fill learning gaps, and become successful over time.

4 Ways Virtual Learning Is Opening Doors

Every student is unique, and in spite of educators’ best efforts at differentiating traditional classroom learning, there are some students who are limited by the brick and mortar school system. Some at-risk students need a different approach in terms of learning space or learning pace. Other students need to accelerate their learning or they will quickly lose interest. Still others may be elite athletes, have jobs, or family responsibilities that can pose challenges to a traditional school schedule. For these students, online learning is opening doors.

Closing the Covid Learning Gap With Online School

Students nationwide were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting school closures, quick and sometimes clumsy pivots by traditional schools to online learning, and general disruptions to the learning process. Those least affected by the Covid learning gap were those who were already enrolled in online school before the onset of the pandemic. GlobalED students continued their online classes in spite of the chaos surrounding traditional education.

With Online Education, Is Newer Always Better?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many educators were forced to adjust quickly to online systems or to expand already existing online options as in-person schools were shut down. Now that schools are open, many districts have kept online programs available. Other, newer, online schools have appeared overnight.

How To Help a Student Who Is Behind in Online School

More and more students are finding success in online learning. With flexibility when and where they learn, students can make the most of their day and pursue athletics, take care of family responsibilities, and gain work experience, all while they are meeting their academic goals. But, what if a student is struggling with all this flexibility and doesn’t know where to start? What if they have overextended themselves and are struggling to keep up?