Ways to Keep Your Online Student Creative (Without Art Class)

Many families and students have embraced the opportunity to attend school online. They can set their own schedules and work at a pace that suits them. Some online schools offer art classes, programs, or clubs to keep online students creative. But, what if these are not offered or are just not a good fit? How can families support creativity for online students?


Extra Curricular Activities

Community recreation centers offer a variety of creative opportunities at a relatively low cost. Online students, with their flexible schedules, can take advantage of classes, camps, and workshops that offer creative outlets. There are also private arts organizations that offer classes and activities. Families looking for organized activities can choose which ones work best for their students.


Creative Brain Breaks

For students who may not want to take an art class but still need a creative outlet, it only takes a small amount of effort and a few supplies for families to set students up for creative “brain breaks” between study times. Sometimes, all it takes is access to art supplies and students can run with their own ideas! Providing modeling clay, drawing, painting, or coloring supplies are just some ideas. Painting a nearby wall or table with chalkboard paint and providing colorful chalk can encourage student art work! Once families get creative, there really is no limit!


Life Skills

Many home-based activities can be artistic and can provide creativity for online students. Students can help plan or plant a garden, prepare and present meals, plan and rearrange their rooms, decorate for the holidays, and much more! Students can express their creativity through daily life activities, rather than seeing these activities as “chores.” Students who are encouraged to be creative in all aspects of their daily lives also develop creative problem solving skills because they are learning to look at tasks from many angles.


Creativity for online students is an important part of their education. Fortunately, it just takes a few ideas and a gentle nudge in the right direction to keep online students creative! If you are interested in enrolling your child in an accredited online school, speak with GlobalED Solutions about our various options today! Contact us now.