FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

GlobalED Solutions FAQs

Is GlobalEd Solutions accredited?

The GlobalED Unlimited High School and GlobalEducation are accredited by Cognia.

Does GlobalED use licensed teachers?

Yes, all teachers are highly qualified teachers as outlined by SB10-191.

What programs does GlobalED Solutions offer?

GlobalED Solutions offers online and blended educational programs operating out of Education Zones across the U.S. These programs include internship opportunities, sports, concurrent enrollment, career paths, and more. Discover more about the programs offered at GlobalED Solutions today!

What grade levels do GlobalED Solutions have programs for?

GlobalED Solutions offers middle school and high school programs. GlobalED Unlimited provides 6th through 12th grade education and Adult Diploma options. GlobalEducation offers 6th through 12th grade education for Colorado Students.

How can GlobalED Solutions help me prepare for a career?

GlobalEd prepares students for high-demand careers while earning their diploma with Career Pathways. Students have the opportunity to build academic skills such as reading and math, while also exploring and preparing for their careers by building real-world skills and preparing for industry-leading certifications. These certifications can be the first step towards higher education or help students start careers that require professional certifications after graduating.

What career development programs does GlobalED Solutions offer?

With GlobalED Solutions, students have the opportunity to explore career pathways that align with their goals and interests. Options include Entrepreneurship and Small Business Setup, Early Childhood Education, Information Technology, and more. Our career development programs provide students insights into their industry of choice while preparing them for necessary certifications by building their industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Are GlobalED Solutions schools self paced?

Yes, GlobalED Solutions students have the opportunity to work at their own pace. This provides students the flexibility to complete school work outside of traditional school hours while remaining compliant with our engagement and attendance requirements.

Is GlobalED Solutions online school free?

GlobalED Solutions offers a public school option, GlobalEducation is free for middle and high school students in Colorado. We also offer Global Unlimited, which is our private school option requiring paid tuition. GlobalEducation is only available for Colorado students from grades 6 through 12, and is dedicated to providing free online education with a focus on blended learning, career certification pathways and training, and concurrent enrollment.

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Can I enroll with GlobalED Solutions from outside of the United States?

Yes! GlobalED Solutions is a great educational option for military families or families who move around a lot. This way, schooling can remain consistent even when families move across state or country borders.

Is GlobalED Solutions military trusted?

Yes, GlobalED is a Military Trusted Partner.

How does GlobalED Solutions help students get their GED or high school diploma online?

GlobalED delivers all curriculum using online platforms but offers community Drop In Zones in multiple Colorado counties where staff and other resources are available to support student success. GlobalEducation and GlobalED Unlimited graduates receive a Colorado accredited diploma, which is also accredited by Cognia.

Can adults attend GlobalED Solutions schools?

Yes! GlobalED Unlimited is our adult/over 21 high school diploma program available to adult learners. Including 22 credits and a variety of interactive learning methods, our online high school curriculum is designed to help adult learners succeed.

How long does it take for adults to get a high school diploma with GlobalED Solutions?

Our GlobalED Unlimited adult/over 21 online high school curriculum includes 22 credits but because you can work at your own pace, you have the ability to determine how long it takes you to earn your diploma. Contact us today to discuss the best option for you.

Is GlobalED Solutions an alternative school?

Yes, GlobalED Solutions is an alternative school with a unique approach to education, allowing students of all kinds to thrive with virtual and hands-on learning, regardless of their interests, ability or circumstance. Our alternative online schools make education more accessible to all.

Can I participate in extracurricular activities if I am enrolled in an online school?

Yes, Colorado students enrolled in GlobalEducation can participate in extracurricular activities at their local district.

Online School FAQs

What’s the difference between homeschooling and online school?

Homeschooling requires parents to take responsibility for their children's education at home rather than transferring the responsibility to a school. This means students learn at home rather than at a school. The parent is then responsible to the state for meeting any mandated educational requirements for their children.
An online school, on the other hand, is a virtual class that learners can take at a convenient place with an internet connection. Most online schools are curriculum-structured and follow specific patterns, while homeschooling may not be structured. Online learning is supported by highly qualified certified teachers for every course. Homeschooling does not always provide the individually qualified teacher material that many students desire.

What is concurrent enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment or dual enrollment is when a qualified learner is enrolled in both high school and college classes concurrently, or at the same time. Credits earned from the college classes will also fulfill the student's high school requirements and can be a part of their permanent transcript. Concurrent enrollment offers an opportunity for students to earn college credits or complete certification programs while still in high school.

Is online school better for students?

Instead of creating another schedule to fit into regular class times, online students have an easier time juggling their home life, job, and education without being tied to a fixed schedule. With online learning, students can learn at their own pace, which allows them time to absorb and retain information learned in the coursework at their own pace.

Is online school better for athletes?

Thanks to online school’s flexible and personalized learning environment, learners in active sports can achieve their educational goals while still pursuing their passion. Online schools allow athletes to create more time for training, and they no longer have to miss school days when traveling for their sport.

What is a career development program?

A career development program is a learning approach created to meet students' needs, career objectives, and abilities. It involves enhancing an individual's skills and improving their abilities in order to prepare them for a fulfilling career path. Career development programs may involve certification programs such as certificates in Nursing, Early Childhood Education or Caregiving, Information Technology, the Culinary Arts, and other career preparation programs.

Why is career planning important for students?

Successful careers don’t just happen by chance. Career planning allows you to reflect on what you want to pursue and how you can get there. With a goal in mind, you can identify the actions to help you get where you want to be. Some of the activities include attending networking meetings to make connections and evaluating job descriptions to determine what you need to qualify.
A career plan helps to keep students motivated during the twists and turns encountered during career development. Most importantly, it offers guidance when considering a career change by helping you ascertain whether your choice fits your plan.

What is self-paced education?

Self-paced education is a learning approach where the learner is free to regulate the amount of material to consume and the duration they need to learn a new subject. Self-paced education differs from other learning techniques since the student is in charge of what to learn and when to learn.
With self-paced learning, you can eliminate the pressure present in other learning methods. You won’t be pressured to work at a specific pace, and neither do you have to learn at the same speed as your colleagues.

How to get a high school diploma as an adult?

Adults who are above 21 years old and were unable to obtain their high school diplomas have not lost their opportunity to pursue their educational goals in high school. They only need to decide what high school diploma program they wish to take and enroll. While it can sometimes take years to obtain your high school diploma as an adult, it can sometimes only take as little as a few months.

Is a GED as good as a high school diploma?

While obtaining a GED is beneficial and may be enough to get a student into a community college, the consensus among employers is that a high school diploma is preferable. Given the choice between an applicant with a GED and an applicant with a high school diploma, an employer is more likely to choose the high school graduate. Obtaining a diploma shows that a student had the follow through to complete what they started, and proves to employers that a potential employee has perseverance.

Can I get my GED or high school diploma online?

If you never had the opportunity to complete your high school diploma traditionally, you can take HISET and GED tests online. To obtain a state-recognized high school diploma, you must complete the required courses to attain state graduation requirements. The best thing is that you can complete the courses online on your terms from home or any other convenient location.

Can adults attend high school?

In the United States, adults can attend high school but the state will only fund it up to a certain age. In most states, adults can attend high school for free until age 20 or 21. After that, the student will likely be responsible for the cost of attending adult high school.

What is an alternative school?

An alternative school is a school that doesn’t offer the traditional everyday educational experience. It offers an opportunity for learners who have struggled in traditional schools, typically due to learning disabilities or behavioral and age limitations, to pursue their academic goals. Alternative schools can be privately owned or part of a public educational system.
Typically, public alternative schools are in the same building or premises as ordinary schools, and they may also be found in institutional settings like juvenile justice facilities and hospitals. In private alternative schools, the curriculum can be set by the school, while public alternative schools may have different requirements depending on where they obtain funding. It is common for most alternative schools to observe alternative grading procedures.

What is remote learning?

Remote learning is an educational approach where the student and the tutor are not in the same physical setting. The instructions are passed on through technological elements like video conferencing, virtual assessments, and discussion boards. It is an effort to recreate the traditional face-to-face classroom setting using the internet.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Online learning is an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar school setting. Online students can easily communicate with their teachers, mentors, and other school staff and they can attend school from anywhere, anytime. Some advantages of online learning include:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy online access to teachers
  • Fewer distractions
What is a hybrid learning approach?

Hybrid or blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional face-to-face learning methods with online learning. The approach is not entirely traditional, nor is it fully virtual. It requires students and teachers to be physically present and offers learners a sense of control over their learning pace and time.
The in-person elements of a hybrid educational model should complement the virtual ones. It is essential to note that hybrid learning is not a similar approach to one where an in-person class is followed by hours of virtual homework.

How do I enroll in an online school or online program?

Enrolling in an online school is as simple as evaluating your readiness for your online courses, selecting a program, evaluating course information, and registering online. Are you ready to take an online course? Online schooling requires you to meet specific technical requirements and demands a high level of motivation.

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