FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is remote learning?

Remote learning means a student can work on their curriculum from any location where internet is available. GlobalED offers physical locations with staff that can guide and support students. Teachers are available remotely, so specific content support can be provided for every student wherever internet is available.

Does GlobalED use licensed teachers?

Yes, all teachers are highly qualified teachers as outlined by SB10-191.

What are the benefits of online learning?

Flexibility is a huge benefit. Students can work on curriculum based on their schedule and location. Also, students are able to work ahead at their own pace.

Can I finish high school online?

Yes, students who graduate from GlobalAdvantage and GlobalED Unlimited schools receive a CO accredited diploma. The diploma is also accredited by Cognia. Further, GlobalED Unlimited graduates receive a CO accredited diploma, which is also accredited by Cognia.

Can I enroll my kid in an online middle school?

Colorado is a school choice state. Students and families have the opportunity to choose the best school for them. GlobalAdvantage offers 6th-8th grade options for middle school.

Why would I consider enrolling in an online educational program?

Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Students can focus in 1-6 classes at a time and choose the schedule that works best for them. Students can also take advanced coursework and work ahead of schedule.

How do I enroll in an online school or online program?

GlobalAdvantage has open enrollment from June 1st-September 30th each year. GlobalED Unlimited has open enrollment all year. Complete an application today! Students will be placed on a waiting list after enrollment closes and will be notified as soon as any seats are available. Students and families will need to provide: Legal ID, shot records, and historical transcripts; as well as complete the state required enrollment paperwork.

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Can I enroll in an online school at any time of the year?

GlobalAdvantage have open enrollment from June-September each year. A waitlist is maintained after that, and students who are first on the list can enroll at semester to replace students who have graduated. GlobalED Unlimited enrolls year-round.

What is the cost of an online school education? Is it tuition-free?

GlobalAdvantage is a free* Colorado Public school. There is no tuition. GlobalED Unlimited is a private school and costs vary per grade & semester.
6th - 12th Grade Tuition: $750 ($1800 21/22 SY)
Over 21 Tuition: $250 per course needed towards meeting requirements. (*Free for any student that is a valid resident in the state of Colorado)

Are online schools self-paced?

Yes, many students choose to work on 1 class at a time, others choose to work in all 6 classes at a time. Students can take extra time and get help in subjects that are more difficult but can work ahead in classes that are easier or more fun to them. GlobalED Solutions students are expected to complete a minimum of 6 classes each semester, 12 classes per academic year.

What is a typical day like in online schooling?

Students will check in with their life coach daily and work in courses each week. Many students have full time jobs, are parents, or are caregivers for family members. Students can work around their schedules. We ask for 30 hours, or 35% of course progress, each week.

Can adults enroll in an online school? If so, what are their online school options?

Yes, we have multiple plans of studies and programs that we offer adults wanting to earn their high school diploma. You can view our program options for adult-learners or contact us today if you are not completely sure which program would best suite your needs.

Do online schools have the same curriculum as traditional schools?

Yes, GlobalED uses Edmentum curriculum which is aligned to the state and national standards.

Can I attend an online summer school?

We do not currently offer summer school.

Will I need to purchase books or materials for online classes?

All curriculum is delivered online. There are no books or materials required. Some of our programs: Global Arts, Global Ventures, and Global Makerspace will send kits of any needed materials to students who are participating in those programs.

Can I participate in extracurricular activities if I am enrolled in an online school?

Colorado students enrolled in GlobalAdvantage can participate in extracurricular activities at their local district.

Can I get a high school diploma when I enroll in an alternative online school?

GlobalAdvantage offers a state accredited diploma through Douglas County School District. The diploma is also accredited by Cognia.

What is a hybrid learning approach?

GlobalED delivers all curriculum using online platforms but offers community EdZones where staff and other resources are available to support student success.

What is the difference between online learning and homeschooling?

Online learning is supported by highly qualified certified teachers for every course. Homeschooling does not always provide the individually qualified teacher material that many students desire.

Can I earn college credits when enrolled in an online high school?

GlobalAdvantage students in 9th-12th grade are eligible for concurrent enrollment with local community colleges. Students have a $2000 a semester allotment to enroll in Career & Technical Education and Associates track courses at the local colleges for dual credit.

How much time do students spend on the computer?

Students are asked to spend 30 hours a week on coursework, the equivalent of 35% progress in courses per week.

What computer skills do online students need for online education?

Students enroll with a wide variety of skills ranging from advanced to beginner. The MyLife Orientation course will assist all incoming students to know and use the tools to be a successful online student.

What role do computers play in an online education curriculum?

GlobalED Solutions offers online schools. All teachers, coursework and interactions happen over a computer. Computers are available to students who qualify.

Can I still enroll in an online school if I do not have internet access at home?

Students will need internet access to be a successful online student. Students can complete schoolwork anywhere with internet. Students can utilize local Education Zones and Libraries if they do not have home internet. Comcast Essentials and AT&T also offer reduced rate internet services for students’ homes.

Does GlobalED use licensed teachers?

Yes, all teachers are highly qualified teachers as outlined by SB10-191.

Is the GlobalED Diploma Accredited?

Yes, GlobalAdvantage are CDE Accredited Diplomas through Douglas County School District. GlobalED Solutions and Schools are Cognia Accredited.

Can anyone enroll in 6th-12th Grade?

GlobalAdvantage is a free Public Colorado School. Students in Colorado in 9th-12th grade can enroll for free during open enrollment. GlobalED Solutions Unlimited is a 6th-12th Private School that students from anywhere in the world can enroll into. There is a cost associated with this school.

How can students get academic help?

GlobalED Teachers offer both live lessons and Zoom immediate tutor links. These links can be found in Clever.

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