GlobalED Solutions is proud to provide blended/online educational programs from grades 6-12, including online high school for adults. Our online schools, GlobalAdvantage and GlobalED Solutions Unlimited serve students throughout the state of Colorado and beyond and are perfect alternative options for students who want more than the traditional school system offers.

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GlobalEd Unlimited

GlobalED Unlimited

GlobalED Unlimited is our private pay, 6-12th grade and adult/over 21 high school diploma program designed to help learners of any age succeed in personal, academic, and professional settings. This online high school diploma program includes fun and exploration using a variety of interactive learning methods. Students will show off knowledge and skills as they learn, all with the intent of reaching individual goals and creating a path to success.

Our online high school curriculum includes 22 credits for both traditional online students and adult online high school students. Whether you are looking to go to college or move right into the workforce, our high school can help teach you the knowledge and skills to propel you on your journey.

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Career Innovations Academy - Arizona

Career Innovations Academy (CIA)-Arizona delivers a state-wide online private alternative education option for 6th through 12th grade students. CIA-AZ is designed for middle/high school students who need something beyond the traditional educational system. We offer a variety of online high school diploma programs, including educational and social-emotional support. Students receive a personalized pathway developed specifically for them with hands-on, one-on-one support at every step of the program.

CIA-AZ delivers a blended learning model with online curriculum built in. This includes all courses virtually with one-on-one support and options for in person activities in select Arizona communities. We are highly focused on student achievement and mastery in the skills necessary for future success.

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Career Innovations Academy Tallahassee Florida

Career Innovations Academy - Florida

Career Innovations Academy (CIA)-Florida offers a state-wide online private alternative education option for 6th through 12th grade students. Designed for those seeking an educational alternative, CIA-FL provides personalized pathways, online high school diploma programs, and comprehensive support, including social-emotional assistance. With an online learning model and individualized attention, students receive hands-on support and the opportunity for in-person activities in select Florida communities. Our focus at CIA-FL is on student achievement and developing the skills needed for future success.

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We pair highly qualified, state-certified online teachers and experienced life coaches to open a world of opportunity to help support your graduation success.