How to Encourage Kids to Try New Things

Parents want their children to take advantage of all available opportunities.  This may mean trying a new activity, getting creative, switching schools, or switching from traditional school to online learning. However, when a child is introduced to something new, they don’t always respond with excitement. In fact, some children are reluctant to try anything new at all.

Trying new things is all about building confidence. A confident student is more likely to embrace change. Students who doubt themselves may worry they will fail, even if the change is meant to help them to be more successful. So, how can parents instill confidence in their children? 

Remind Them of Past Successes

Kids love to hear stories about themselves. Parents can use these stories to help children define who they are, especially if the stories have to do with overcoming fears. Reminding kids of past successes, and emphasizing the determination needed for these victories, can help kids to see themselves as “determined” and “successful”. Remembering a time they worked at something until they got it right can build students’ confidence and willingness to try new things. 

Celebrate Small Victories

A student is not going to score the winning goal every day, but every day is full of small victories. As parents encourage their children to try new things, the small steps can be celebrated. A student can be praised or rewarded for going to watch a practice for a sport they are thinking of trying, filling out a registration form for an activity, or getting their supplies ready for the first day of school. Each step towards a goal is a small victory.

Lead by Example

Seeing their parents learn new things can help kids to believe in their own ability to be successful. Parents can also tell their children about their experiences. A parent who has to learn something new at work or start a new job can talk about their own fear of the unknown and then describe the rewards of overcoming that fear.

There are lots of ways to build a child’s confidence, and confidence is the key to getting kids to try new things. Confident students can begin new activities, or even start a new school with a positive attitude.