An Online School With a Personal Touch

We live in an increasingly digital world, with many people performing most of their daily work online. It follows that our students are also experiencing online education and online schools are appearing everywhere. With so much of their experience online, how can we ensure our students are getting the personal attention they need in order to thrive?

GlobalED Solutions, which operates online and blended learning schools across the nation, has developed a unique organizational model that puts the student first!

Enrichment Life Coach

Caring and motivated Enrichment Life Coaches are the foundation of GlobalED’s success with students.  Every student is assigned to a personal Enrichment Life Coach (ELC). Each coach works with 20 - 30 students, somewhat like a homeroom teacher, but so much more! ELCs meet with students weekly to set goals and assess student progress through the curriculum. They also check in with each student regarding their social and emotional needs, future goals and plans, and even their need for wrap around services. ELCs are there to ensure that every student has an advocate and no one falls through the cracks.

Student Success Coordinator

Students at GlobalED schools also have a Student Success Coordinator (SSC) who is responsible for scheduling classes, recommending plans of study, and assessing student readiness for programs like concurrent enrollment, workforce certifications, and internships. The SSC works closely with the ELC to place each student on the path that is best suited to their success. SSCs make sure each student is on track for graduation. They are also familiar with the enrollment process for early college classes, workplace certification courses, and internships  and can assist students and ELCs with the process. The SSC team is truly committed to student success.

Social and Emotional Learning

In addition to their ELC and SSC, GlobalED students have experts in social and emotional learning on their success team! State of Grace is a community partner that works closely with GlobalED to offer group and individual counseling sessions as needed for students. GlobalED also employs BASE, an online social and emotional learning platform that helps students navigate issues from test anxiety to common social situations and relationships to understanding and avoiding addictions.

With GlobalED staff and community partners who are truly committed to each student’s success, students at GlobalED schools truly have an individualized experience - something that is unique in today’s world of online education.