Back To School Bootcamp

Going back to school can be intimidating for students of all ages. This is especially true if a student is trying something new, like online school, or transitioning from middle to high school. If a student has had a negative experience in the past, this makes back to school even more difficult. 

GlobalED Solutions staff understand their students and want to help them succeed, even if they have negative feelings about school. Right from the beginning of the year, student Life Coaches, Ed Zone Managers, Success Coordinators, and Interventionists work to set their students up for success.Students and parents are invited to Back To School Bootcamp where they will meet their support team, get important information about the upcoming school year, and complete back to school registration and enrollment tasks. Below are three ways GlobalED students can feel the love at Back To School Bootcamp.

Meeting Their Life Coach

The most important school staff member at GlobalED schools is the Enrichment Life Coach. Life Coaches have chosen to work with students because they care about the individual students, their families, and their communities. A student’s Life Coach is their number one go-to staff member and the person they meet with weekly to set goals and priorities. Life Coaches are also GlobalED students’ connection to other staff members, school resources and opportunities, and they can help with community wrap around services if a student is in need. In short, a Life Coach is a student’s personal cheerleader, advocate, mentor, and role model, all in one amazing person who cares! 

Connecting With Academic Teachers

GlobalEd’s online curriculum teachers have been working throughout the summer to prepare for their students. They seek to provide the best possible curriculum presented in the clearest possible format and they are always working to improve! At Bootcamp, students will watch videos prepared by their online teachers and find out how to connect with them. They will learn that all of their teachers are available for live lessons or one-on-one tutoring and they are always ready to help. Students learn how to use online resources to connect with their teachers, who really are only a click away! 

Learning About Programs

 The heart of GlobalED Solutions is to prepare students for life after high school. GlobalED Solutions offers programs and plans of study that are tailored to each individual student. Every student is unique, and their education should be too! Students can choose from the NCAA plan of study for athletes, a college preparatory plan, general education, or the workforce readiness program. Within each of these plans of study, students have the opportunity to participate in certification programs for IT, medical careers, education, entrepreneurship, and more. They may also be eligible for paid apprenticeships, early college, and sports programs. 

Students and parents may come to Back To School Bootcamp with some hesitation, but once they meet the GlobalED staff and start to see how much they are loved and supported, they are able to get started truly learning and maybe even enjoying going back to school!