Bridging the Gap From High School to Career

Quality education paves the way for a bright future for the next generation, but an education has to be relevant to current trends. Students and families have many choices in front of them, especially with the recent explosion in online learning. However, choosing the right school is easy with the right information. Families should ask the question,  

“How will this school help each student get from high school to their career?”

At GlobalED Solutions, while students focus on their daily classwork, staff focuses on the future and the path students will take from high school to career. Whether that path includes college, certification programs, or leads directly to a high paying job in the workforce, GlobalED is focused on providing guidance for each student as they prepare for this transition..

Earn Career Certification While Still in High School

GlobalED students can participate in certification programs offered through their online curriculum provider, Edmentum. Opportunities to earn certifications in Business Management and Administration, Information Technology, Hospitality, Healthcare, Early Childhood Education, and more are available through online courses and certification exams, right at a student’s fingertips! Certifications can lead directly to a student’s career of choice or they may be “stacked” to lead to meet qualifications for a variety of positions in their chosen field. 

Start College Now With Concurrent Enrollment

Qualified high school students can begin college courses early and tuition-free through concurrent enrollment. GlobalED maintains partnerships with colleges across the state of Colorado. Students who qualify can earn credits towards a two or four year college degree. Some can even earn their associates by the time they graduate from high school. College courses count towards high school graduation as well, so it’s double the credit, half the time, and zero tuition!

Demonstrate Workforce Readiness

Students who want to begin training on the job and gain work experience in a career field may qualify for a paid apprenticeship through community partner CareerWise. Students are matched with jobs in career fields that suit their talents, skills, and future aspirations. Many apprenticeship programs provide certification and training opportunities and continue for a year beyond graduation, truly bridging the gap from high school to career. In addition, GlobalED offers the Workforce Readiness Pathway where students focus on workplace skills and earn their ACT National Career Readiness Certificate, (NCRC), a workforce readiness certificate that is highly respected and recognized by many employers nationwide. 

GlobalED is committed to working with students to help them achieve their dreams, whatever those dreams may be. With caring staff and community partnerships across the state, GlobalED also has the resources to make a student’s dream a reality.