Falling Into a Routine With Online School

At many online schools across the country, students are settling into their classes. At GlobalED Solutions in Colorado, this means setting up times to meet with coaches, attend live lessons, and visit the community education zones for programs and support. All of these opportunities are a part of a weekly routine and an important part of a student’s success plan.

Weekly Meeting

Beyond the daily recommended schedule, students at GlobalED plan to meet with their Life Coach on a weekly basis. This meeting is crucial for student success. Life Coaches review student progress and help each student to set goals for the upcoming week, based on the student’s longer term graduation plan and their plan of study. Once it is a part of the routine, students look forward to this opportunity to connect with a caring adult who spends time with them individually. GlobalED Life Coaches view each student as a unique individual and are there to help each student to reach their goals for graduation and beyond. 

Live Lessons/Teacher Support

GlobalED’s online teachers maintain a weekly schedule of live lessons. Students should make it a part of their routine to attend the weekly lessons that correspond with their class schedules. They can work through assignments with the teacher, as well as interact with classmates who share the same courses. In addition, teachers offer support at all hours of the day, so students can set up regular meetings with teachers if needed. When they are working on their own, they can always get help from certified teachers in all core subject areas at all hours of the day.

In-Person Activities

Even though the core curriculum is delivered online for GlobalED students, GlobalED offers many in-person activities each week. Sports training programs, leadership opportunities, and support groups are just a few of the weekly activities students can enjoy. Each month, every education zone presents a community connection activity. This may be a career fair, information about a certain type of career pathway, a fun holiday activity, or an opportunity to give back. GlobalED students should plan to participate in as many of these activities as possible, as they offer the chance to interact with peers and school staff, as well as community members. 

As students settle into their routines this fall, GlobalED students can schedule in some extras that will help them to succeed! From weekly meetings with coaches to live online lessons and in-person activities, GlobalED’s students experience a well rounded program for all seasons!