Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Education

Talk in the education community regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its effects on education is everywhere, and a lot of it is negative. Afterall, no one wants students using AI to do their homework and write papers for them. However, AI can be used in education in many positive ways that are still being discovered. At GlobalED, AI is being used to help students find their optimal career paths.

How It Works

Students at GlobalED schools interact with AI through a question and answer session that helps them to zero in on what’s important to them, and what skills and interest they may have. Then, it processes their answers to provide data for the students and their success team. School staff can see all this data at a glance. An AI survey is much more useful than a static one because it is equipped with the most current knowledge and trends in the ever changing digital world. This includes the newest trending careers and what skills are needed to land these kinds of jobs. AI adjusts in real time so that the information provided is always current.

What Students and Educators Learn

Students who use the AI survey can learn more about themselves and how their likes and dislikes can come together to show a pattern that fits an educational or career path. School staff can use the data in ways that help them to personalize a student’s experience in school, as well as ways that help them to guide a student towards courses and pathways that lead to a career.  For instance, educators can see information about a student’s ideal preferred working environment. They can see if a student likes to work in a group or alone, and if there are other students who share this student’s interests. 

As students progress through high school, school staff can suggest school to career pathways that suit a student’s future aspirations. This can mean advanced coursework, career and technical education, early college or concurrent enrollment classes, or a workforce readiness pathway. GlobalED offers many well-defined pathways to popular careers, including careers in education, medicine, information technology (IT), and entrepreneurship and business. GlobalED can also use the survey data to update and add to the career pathways offered. 

Artificial Intelligence is here and is going to be a part of of daily life, including education. While educators should be careful to ensure students are not using this technology in ways that compromise their own learning, there are useful applications for AI in education.  At GlobalED, information gathered from students’ interaction with an AI survey is used to help educators to personalize a student’s experience and guide them towards a bright future.  Afterall, every student is unique, and their education should be too!