Three Things That Make an Online School Stand Out

Lots of online high schools are making big promises about the success of their students. It can be difficult for families and students to discern which school is right for them. A school may offer the latest and greatest in educational trends, but unless they are informed by data on the needs and wants of their students, they are not likely to find much success. Beyond being data informed, a school’s entire staff should have a can-do spirit, the kind of attitude that is contagious to their students, and should be actively collaborating in their local community.

Data Informed

Technology can add so much to modern education. Students can literally have the world at their fingertips. But what is important to them? What are their areas of strength and weakness? And how can the right technology be applied strategically in each student’s individual situation to create the best possible result? What can current data tell educators about the kinds of skills students will need to compete on college applications and in the workforce?

At many schools, each student is evaluated academically upon entering. GlobalED Solutions takes it a few steps further, allowing students to use cutting edge AI technology to pinpoint their best possible career pathways and get them started in courses that move them forward towards these career goals. In addition to being informed by data collected from their students, GlobalED Solutions is informed by data reflecting current trends in the workplace. However, rather than using this data to blindly apply a one-size-fits-all online program, GlobalED Solutions treats every student as an individual. Life coaches get to know each student on a personal level and help them to choose courses, plans of study, activities, and programs that are right for the student.

Can Do Spirit

Students truly do have the world at their fingertips, but even when all that is available has been tailored to create an individual education plan, students may still flounder. They may have a lack of confidence, difficulty organizing their time and setting goals, or they may just not know how to get started. 

GlobalED Solutions staff have a can-do spirit and are encouraged every day to help their students to take the small steps that lead to great success. Students meet with their life coaches every week to set goals and review progress. When students have needs, life coaches step in and connect them with the right resources. Whether it is a problem with  time management, goal setting, social and emotional concerns, or the need for wrap-around services that support the health of a student, GlobalED Solutions will go to great lengths to make sure every student has the best possible opportunities for success.


Education does not exist in a vacuum. Even online schools exist within communities. What are the specific needs of a community? How can schools connect with that community? Are there community partners who can benefit and provide benefits through a relationship with GlobalED students? 

GlobalED Solutions education zones host community connections events each month in their local area. Holiday events, career and college fairs, and guest speakers are just some of the events the GlobalED family can participate in each month. In addition, GlobalED partners with colleges across the state to provide concurrent enrollment classes for qualified students. CareerWise is another partner of GlobalED schools, providing paid apprenticeship opportunities statewide for qualified students. Students can connect with social and emotional learning partners, community resources, and even ways to give back as they are able.

Many online schools can promise a student access to cutting edge technology and the latest in online courseware, but some schools, like GlobalED are committed to principles that support the individual student. In the increasingly crowded field of online education, by using data, having a can-do spirit, and collaborating in the local community, GlobalED Solutions schools stand out!