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Online Student Success

Whether students attend traditional school or choose online classes, families want to know that their child’s school is a place where they can improve, set goals, and meet those goals for the future. At GlobalED, student data shows an undeniable upward trend, from state testing to college and workplace readiness.

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Academic Help for Online Students

Parents considering online school may wonder if there is academic support available for their students. They may picture online students just left alone with a laptop and a semester of work to do. Thankfully, this is far from the reality of online school with GlobalED, especially since very few students could succeed in this environment! GlobalED students have many opportunities to access the support they need in their classes, including in-person or live virtual tutoring, live lessons, and 24/7 academic support from certified teachers in all core areas. 

How to Get From High School to Career

Lots of students have lofty career goals and ideas of what career and lifestyle they want to pursue. Laying the groundwork necessary to reach these goals can be daunting, however. Thankfully, at schools like GlobalED, students have networks of support, with bridges and pathways from high school into their chosen career, already built by staff and community members.

Falling Into a Routine With Online School

At many online schools across the country, students are settling into their classes. At GlobalED Solutions in Colorado, this means setting up times to meet with coaches, attend live lessons, and visit the community education zones for programs and support. All of these opportunities are a part of a weekly routine and an important part of a student’s success plan.

Weekly Meeting

Contract for Life

Car crashes are a leading cause of death for teens, and about a quarter of fatal crashes involve an underage drinking driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Teenagers want to learn to drive, and for most US teens, getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage and a big part of gaining independence. How can parents allow their teenagers to take this step towards adulthood and at the same time, reduce the risk of their child being in an accident involving drinking and driving?

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Education

Talk in the education community regarding AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its effects on education is everywhere, and a lot of it is negative. Afterall, no one wants students using AI to do their homework and write papers for them. However, AI can be used in education in many positive ways that are still being discovered. At GlobalED, AI is being used to help students find their optimal career paths.

How It Works

Back To School Bootcamp

Going back to school can be intimidating for students of all ages. This is especially true if a student is trying something new, like online school, or transitioning from middle to high school. If a student has had a negative experience in the past, this makes back to school even more difficult. 

An Online School With a Personal Touch

We live in an increasingly digital world, with many people performing most of their daily work online. It follows that our students are also experiencing online education and online schools are appearing everywhere. With so much of their experience online, how can we ensure our students are getting the personal attention they need in order to thrive?

GlobalED Solutions, which operates online and blended learning schools across the nation, has developed a unique organizational model that puts the student first!

Enrichment Life Coach

Bridging the Gap From High School to Career

Quality education paves the way for a bright future for the next generation, but an education has to be relevant to current trends. Students and families have many choices in front of them, especially with the recent explosion in online learning. However, choosing the right school is easy with the right information. Families should ask the question,  

“How will this school help each student get from high school to their career?”

Three Things That Make an Online School Stand Out

Lots of online high schools are making big promises about the success of their students. It can be difficult for families and students to discern which school is right for them. A school may offer the latest and greatest in educational trends, but unless they are informed by data on the needs and wants of their students, they are not likely to find much success. Beyond being data informed, a school’s entire staff should have a can-do spirit, the kind of attitude that is contagious to their students, and should be actively collaborating in their local community.