The Best Way to Prepare for College - Online?

Online and blended learning is here to stay in higher education. Some colleges were moving in this direction before Covid 19, but during the height of the pandemic, even the most reluctant professors were forced to adapt to the world of online education. Now, even though in person learning is back, many colleges and universities are utilizing and expanding online and blended learning resources in order to offer more options and to broaden the net to reach more students with their programs.

According to US News and World Report, online and blended learning at the college level is here to stay, and in fact, “...colleges will add more online programs, …more colleges will turn to open educational services, …(and) virtual student spaces and programming will expand…”. (See (1) below.) Open educational services include online textbooks, videos, and learning platforms, while virtual student spaces include many types of virtual meeting and communication resources students will need to be able to use with ease.

At GlobalED Solutions, students learn to navigate different learning resources and systems, use virtual meeting platforms, and stay on task without the constant attention of a classroom teacher. These students will arrive at college with skills that will help them to succeed, as they will be able to focus on the content, rather than spend time learning how to use the resources in front of them. Additionally, self directed and self motivated students used to managing their own time will be more successful in online college classes. GlobalEd students have the opportunity to develop all of these skills in advance of their entry into college.

In the recent past, parents were concerned that online high school students would miss out on important social development, but with the inclusion of blended learning, students have ample opportunities to connect with their peers. Programs, and activities at GlobalED Education Zones, Community Connections events, one on one tutoring sessions, and meetings with personal Life Coaches are all opportunities for students to interact in an educational environment and develop in person social skills.

Education is changing with the changing needs of industries, changes in the workforce, and the latest technological developments making meaningful online interactions possible. GlobalED Solutions has been providing online education opportunities to students for many years, but now more than ever, college bound high school students will benefit from the kinds of meaningful online learning experiences offered by GlobalED Solutions.

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