One Year High School Graduation Plan

What is it like for a high school student to wake up and suddenly realize they do not have enough credits to graduate on a traditional plan of study? This can happen, and it happens more often than anyone would like to acknowledge. How does it happen? Perhaps a student failed a course or two, they missed a lot of classes due to illness or family circumstances, they moved and changed schools frequently, or they simply did not understand the significance of their lack of focus in their freshman and sophomore years. They may have even tried to repeat a year and now they are over the traditional high school age. They may feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in a regular high school setting, which only makes the problem worse.

Are these young students already destined to be branded as drop-outs and earn only minimum wage since they don’t have a high school diploma? Whatever the reason or reasons that led to this desperate seeming situation, these students do not have to settle for a lackluster future or even for getting a GED. Students who are over-age and under-credited may still be able to graduate from high school with a one year graduation plan focused on credit recovery, competency, and workforce readiness skills. These students can start working now and achieve a bright future!

At GlobalED Solutions, the Career Now plan of study was created for students who are motivated to earn a high school diploma and land a high paying job but need more credits than are offered by a traditional high school plan of study. Students under 21 years of age are eligible to complete this accelerated plan of study free of charge, graduate from high school, and earn their nationally recognized certificate of career readiness (NCRC) through ACT, that will give them a leg up when applying for jobs. The Career Now plan of study allows students to complete their high school diploma in just one year, concentrating on the essential skills necessary for the workplace. In addition, GlobalED provides access to certification programs, internships, and more. Qualified and motivated students can earn workforce certifications and even work in local businesses and industries as paid interns or apprentices. For students over the age of 21, they can still earn their diploma and their workforce readiness certification through a private pay program where they pay a reasonable fee for their classes.

High school graduation is essential for a myriad of reasons. A GED is sometimes acceptable, but high school completion tells a potential employer that a person has the ability to follow through and the determination to finish. Completing high school is often the first step to a successful and fulfilling career. At GlobalED Solutions, we aim to support students through high school and beyond, setting them up for success with workforce readiness, industry certification pathways, and potential internships. Most of all, GlobalED prepares students for life beyond high school, helping them to embark on career pathways with opportunities for growth and satisfaction.