How to Get From High School to Career

Lots of students have lofty career goals and ideas of what career and lifestyle they want to pursue. Laying the groundwork necessary to reach these goals can be daunting, however. Thankfully, at schools like GlobalED, students have networks of support, with bridges and pathways from high school into their chosen career, already built by staff and community members.

To make things simple, GlobalED recognizes the three steps to the process of getting from school to career. These are Career Exploration, or learning about work, Career Preparation or learning with a career goal in mind, and Career Training, which includes actual on the job experience.

Career Exploration

Getting from high school to a career begins with career exploration. At GlobalED, this can start as early as middle school, with students learning about different careers. Regular community connection events inform students about a different career field each month. In addition, students take career surveys to help identify their areas of interest. Trained Life Coaches talk with students weekly and can help guide students towards opportunities that enhance their skills in areas of interest. Student Success Coordinators can schedule students in classes that suit their strengths and interests. Career exploration includes self reflection. If a student finds they do not like something they thought they would, this is a positive outcome! Now the student can look at other options and explore different paths for their future.

Career Preparation

Once a student has a solid idea of what types of work they enjoy and what types of work they don’t, they can begin embarking on an educational pathway that allows them to prepare for their future. Depending on the career, this could be making sure their classes are preparing them for a four-year college program. It could also be beginning college classes while still in high school, through concurrent enrollment programs. Or, a student may want to focus on career and technical education. This can be done through classes offered at GlobalED, combined with career and technical courses offered at a community college. Whatever the career, GlobalED is there to support students on their journey towards a sustainable and satisfying career.

Career Training

Colorado Department of Education states, “Research shows that students who have work or work-based learning opportunities in high school have better postsecondary grades and better employment and wage outcomes by age 23.” This is one reason why GlobalED partners with CareerWise in Colorado. CareerWise works with high schools to place students in paid apprenticeship programs that extend beyond graduation. These apprenticeship programs include on the job training and opportunities for certification. In addition, GlobalED partners directly with local businesses to build apprenticeships for their students. 

Gaining valuable work experience while in high school can prepare students for better jobs and higher salaries. GlobalED knows that their students deserve opportunities towards a bright future, starting with a sustainable and satisfying career.