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How Can Online Students Prepare for a Future Career?

Students and parents everywhere are looking for the best career preparation possible. Most parents of today’s high school students attended traditional, or “brick and mortar” schools. They may wonder, what does career preparation for online students look like?


Flexibility allows them to hold a job or volunteer

How Does an Online School Prepare Your Child for Life After High School?

Parents want many things from their children’s school, but the bottom line is that they want their children to be prepared for life after high school.  This can mean many things, from prepared for college, to prepared for the workforce and everything in between. With this in mind, how does an online school prepare students for life after high school?



How Online School Can Benefit the Student Athlete


If there is one thing every student athlete needs, it’s more time! Balancing training and competition schedules with traditional school can be daunting. For a multi-sport athlete, this is even more challenging. Hyper-focused elite athletes who train for hours every day could also benefit from a little more room in their academic schedules. Even students just wanting to try out for a high school team but who may also have a part time job or other challenges can benefit from the flexibility provided through online school.

3 Overlooked Benefits To Online Learning

When it comes to online learning, we may think we have all the facts.  We hear about pros and cons, but the pros tend to be focused on allowing students to engage in academics even in difficult circumstances.  However, did you know that regardless of a student’s situation or reason for turning to online learning, online learning offers some big benefits that can help them to be successful for a lifetime?

Time Management

Earning A High School Diploma Online vs. Passing the GED

The GED, General Education Development test, was developed as US soldiers were coming home from World War II. Many of them had signed up for military service before graduating high school. Passing the GED was a way to show that they had the skills necessary for jobs or for college entry. The GED is still used today as a way for high school dropouts to demonstrate skills. Today, online schools offer students dropping out of traditional school the chance to earn a high school diploma.

Tricks To Help Kids Who Struggle Doing School From Home

Tricks To Help Kids Who Struggle Doing School From Home

Leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the school year is in full swing. At least, it should be. But what if your online student is struggling? What can you do to help?


Connect With Teachers

Creating An Organized At-Home Learning Environment For Your Child

Learning from home is the new normal for many families. The flexibility of online education is great, but students still need structure and organization to be successful. If your family is taking advantage of online education, you can create an organized learning environment at home for your child.  

What is the Difference Between Homeschooling and Online School?


With all the options in education, parents might be confused about the difference between attending online school from home and “home schooling”.  The main differences between online school and homeschooling are found in the responsibilities of the parent or guardian.  With online schooling, the school is responsible to the state for meeting mandated education requirements.  With homeschooling, it is the parent or guardian who answers to the state.

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