Online Student Success

Whether students attend traditional school or choose online classes, families want to know that their child’s school is a place where they can improve, set goals, and meet those goals for the future. At GlobalED, student data shows an undeniable upward trend, from state testing to college and workplace readiness.

Standardized testing

GlobalED Map diagnostic test results show growth in student math and reading scores in all regions and across all student populations through 2023. More students are meeting college readiness standards on SAT testing, based on data including the 2023 SAT administration. All seniors are participating in ACT Workforce Readiness testing and earning their Workforce Certificates before graduation. The list of student achievements goes on. In today’s world, with so many districts and schools struggling to improve student performance, it is so encouraging to know that GlobalED students are improving test scores from year to year.

Individual Students

A school is more than just student test scores and grade point averages. A school is made up of every unique student enrolled, and each and every student has a story. At GlobalED, individual students are achieving early success in sports such as hockey and wrestling and performing arts like dance while being able to focus on their academics with a flexible schedule. Others are earning workplace certificates and even associate degrees while still in high school, participating in internship programs, and some are becoming first generation college students. 

Every student is unique, and GlobalED meets these students where they are at. Students prefer online classes for a myriad of reasons, whether it is social pressures at a traditional school, family or work obligations, concerns about school safety, high level sports or arts commitments, or simple personal preference. No matter how they come to GlobalED, staff members will help them to set and meet their educational goals.

One student who came to GlobalED because of social issues at a traditional school summed up her success story by saying, "I started doing better in school once I could see a future for myself. " GlobalED staff sincerely works with all students so they can each see a bright future ahead of them!