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5 Characteristics Of Outstanding Online Students

5 Characteristics Of Outstanding Online Students

Many of today’s students are choosing to complete school online, but how do we ensure success? At GlobalED, we have found that there is a set of skills that is important to a student’s success. The good news is that we can help them develop characteristics of great online students!

1. Self-motivation

How to Better Your Student’s Mental Health

How to Better Your Student’s Mental Health

Let’s face it, our youth have been through a lot. Some are calling it a nationwide mental health crisis. So, what can we do to better the mental health of our students? At GlobalED Solutions, our students have a broad support network, beginning with their life coach.


How To Earn High School Credits Online Over The Summer

Earning High School Credits Online

The sun is shining, students are celebrating, and educators are fretting about the dreaded “summer slide”! So what do we do at GlobalED to prevent our students from losing ground over the summer? Is it possible for them to even push ahead and try something new over the summer? The answer is clearly, “Yes!”

GlobalED offers three ways for our students to earn credit over the summer:


Tips to Prepare Your Child for High-Stakes Tests

State testing is a key part of education. Assessments are an important component for all students, no matter their academic goals. Here at GlobalED Solutions, we understand that state testing can be a time of stress for our students, but we know that with a little support, our students can do their best and achieve great things! Check out these 8 tips to help your student conquer any big test!

What Are State Tests, And How Can I Support My Child Taking Them?

State Testing is an essential component of any student’s education. Testing may also be stressful for some students and families when it is not clear what the tests entail or what they can mean for students. This blog helps serve as a guide to understand what exactly state testing is, why it is important and a few tips to support the students in your life!

What Are State Tests, and How Can I Support My Child Taking Them?

How to Establish A Successful Online Learning Routine?

How to Establish a Successful Online Learning Routine?

Online schooling provides many advantages, but it can be difficult for parents and students to be fully engaged with the learning process.

Other activities in our daily lives can often be a distraction, so the professionals at GlobalED Solutions recommend establishing a good routine to help students both focus on their school work, and enjoy the social and recreational parts of their lives as well.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

 The effects of the pandemic have forced many students and teachers to embrace online learning tools and methodologies at a faster rate than most would feel comfortable with. Our online tools will help ensure students get the best experience in a sustainable way.

Online Learning Tools for Teacher to Student and Parent to Student

 The GlobalED Solutions Life Coaches identify two main areas of focus:

 1. Self-Management

Is Online School For You?

Is Online School For You?

More and more people are making the jump to online learning these days, and the trends won’t be going down anytime soon. The prospects of this learning model provide more individuals with easy access to high-quality education at almost any level.


Online Learning Benefits

If you’re looking for online schooling opportunities, you’re likely wondering how online school works and where it might fit into your child’s education.

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment

Chances are, you have heard the term “concurrent enrollment” a time or two.  Governor Polis even declared the week of February 15 - 19 as “Concurrent Enrollment Week” in Colorado!  But what is all of the talk about?  What exactly is concurrent enrollment, why is it important, and how might it benefit our students?


What is concurrent enrollment?