GlobalED Celebrates National School Choice Week

More and more parents agree with GlobalED Solutions that education does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Some students thrive in a traditional public school classroom, while others do better online, homeschooling, or attending magnet, charter, or private schools. January 21 - 27 has been set aside nationally for building awareness about School Choice. 

Every Student Is Unique
According to national surveys, more parents than ever are recognizing that they have choices when it comes to education. More families are considering, learning about, and enrolling in  alternative school options. Online programs offer the flexibility and safety that give many families peace of mind, while other families may choose a magnet school for students passionate about a particular interest or talent. Charter and private schools can also be options for students. All of these options are not meant to confuse families, but rather they are there because every student is unique and this means their education should be too. This is a core value at GlobalED Solutions.

Find the Path That Works 

Whatever school a student attends, the most important thing is that they find the path that  works for them. Even within a school, there may be different opportunities students can choose from. GlobalED Solutions offers online and blended learning for middle and high school students, but even within GlobalED, students can be on different paths. Students can choose to participate in sports programs, leadership opportunities, internships, early college courses, and more. Plans of study include Workforce Readiness, HEAR (college prep), NCAA, and General Education. Some students may choose to visit the education zone several times per week to socialize, meet with staff, or get tutoring, while other students may do most of their work from home and meet virtually with their teachers and support team. GlobalED staff does their best to ensure that every student is seen as an individual with choices and that every student finds the path on which they can thrive.

Students and parents are recognizing more and more that education is not about forcing students into a set system, but about finding the best way for each student to be successful.  Every student is unique and GlobalED is here to help students find the kind of education that works best for them and moves them towards their personal future success.