Creating An Organized At-Home Learning Environment For Your Child

Learning from home is the new normal for many families. The flexibility of online education is great, but students still need structure and organization to be successful. If your family is taking advantage of online education, you can create an organized learning environment at home for your child.  

First, consider your child’s working habits. Are they in need of solitude and silence, or do they function better when they are in the center of the home, surrounded by familiar sounds and activities? 

Next, make sure they have everything they need in their study area:

  • Reliable internet 
  • Electrical outlets
  • Computer and charger
  • Mouse, headphones/earbuds, etc.
  • Supportive chair
  • Table/work surface at appropriate height 
  • Adequate lighting
  • Notebooks, paper, writing utensils and any class-specific school supplies such as a ruler, protractor, etc.

Even though your student is working from home, you may want to keep the school backpack.  This provides a place to put your student’s supplies at the end of each “school day”. This is especially useful if your student uses the kitchen table or other multipurpose area for schoolwork. Backpack or not, you will want to keep all school supplies in one place, such as in a tote or bin, where your student can easily find everything they need. 

Part of organization is time management. Try to set a consistent schedule that works for your family. This means having specific work times and set breaks. For every 2 hours of work time, your student will need 20 minutes of break time.  

Online education offers families a break from supplies lists, bell schedules, and the carpool lane. Your family has the freedom to make education work for you! All it takes to get started is a little time spent setting up an organized at-home learning environment.