The Benefits of an Internship as an Online Student

Online high school programs offer many benefits to today’s students, including flexibility and prescriptive classes to meet individual student needs. But what about in-person and hands-on experiences? How can students access those kinds of opportunities? With online high school internships, online students can participate in career exploration, gain hands-on experience, and enjoy the benefits of in-person networking.


Career exploration

Online schools that offer internships and work experience are opening the doors to a whole new world for students to explore.  A student may dream of entering a specific career field, but until they have experienced the day-to-day responsibilities within that field, they really don’t know much about it. Love it or hate it, students benefit from the opportunity to try out their career interests. One student may fall in love with working in early childhood education, while another discovers she does not want to become a veterinarian after all! These kinds of experiences better prepare students for life after high school.


Hands-on experience

Online high school internships offer students who are used to working behind a screen the opportunity to “get their hands dirty!” For instance, once a student has taken an online course introducing them to food safety and culinary arts, it’s time for them to test their skills in a real-life work setting! Students can gain skills, find out what it’s like to work under pressure, and collaborate with a team.


In-person networking

Through online high school internships, students gain access to a whole network of people! They may discover peers to relate to, mentors to guide them, and even future employers! The value of networking cannot be overstated. After all, the best way to get a job after high school is often having a connection with a potential employer already.


Online schools offering internships and work-study programs are truly able to prepare students for life after high school!