How Can Online Students Prepare for a Future Career?

Students and parents everywhere are looking for the best career preparation possible. Most parents of today’s high school students attended traditional, or “brick and mortar” schools. They may wonder, what does career preparation for online students look like?


Flexibility allows them to hold a job or volunteer

First and foremost, online school is flexible. Students can study on their own schedules from practically anywhere. This flexibility can allow students to explore career fields by volunteering or holding part time jobs that relate to a career they would like to pursue. Even having the time to work at an unrelated job can give a student workplace experience and help them to develop professional skills. 


Concurrent enrollment

Some online schools offer early college concurrent enrollment opportunities.  Taking advantage of this type of program is a great way for students to train in their chosen field of study or to get ahead on their future four year degree plan! Besides being able to take first year English, Math, Science and Social Studies, many community colleges offer programs in Cosmetology, Early Childhood Education, Welding, Information Technology, and more.  If an online high school student qualifies for concurrent enrollment, they can truly begin to prepare for their future career!


Classes tailored to their career path

Online schools are often able to offer a wide variety of elective courses. These electives can be tailored to a student’s career path, or can be prerequisites for college courses. A student in an online school is not limited to what kinds of classes are offered in one building. In a way, the whole world of education is open to them online. Some online schools work hard to build career pathways that align courses so students can gain skills, earn certificates, and even stack certificates for more opportunities.


Career preparation for online students is truly only a click away! Learn about GlobalED's Career Pathways.