How Online School Can Benefit the Student Athlete


If there is one thing every student athlete needs, it’s more time! Balancing training and competition schedules with traditional school can be daunting. For a multi-sport athlete, this is even more challenging. Hyper-focused elite athletes who train for hours every day could also benefit from a little more room in their academic schedules. Even students just wanting to try out for a high school team but who may also have a part time job or other challenges can benefit from the flexibility provided through online school.

Multi-sport Athletes

Students who spend hours every day after school practicing on their high school teams may think they have to stay in traditional school in order to play on their teams.  This is not true.  Regardless of enrollment in the local school, students who live within the district can participate on their local school’s teams.  This means a student can benefit from the flexibility of online school while also playing on their home team!

Athletes with Schedule Challenges

Some students may wish to participate in sports, but they have a lot going on in their lives.  They may have to hold down a job to help with family expenses or have to babysit younger siblings. To them, it seems impossible to find the time for sports. The physical and mental health benefits of sports and athletic participation for students are well-proven. With online school, even students with other scheduling challenges may be able to participate.

Elite Athletes in Training

Young athletes who compete on traveling teams, and high level gymnasts, ice skaters, dancers,  and other athletes in training, and can all benefit from online school. They can bring their schoolwork with them when traveling and can work on their own schedule. The class does not proceed without them if they have to miss a day or two. Their classes wait for them and they work at their own pace.

For student athletes, the option of online school may provide just the flexibility these students need to excel in their academics while also pursuing their passion for athletics!