3 Overlooked Benefits To Online Learning

When it comes to online learning, we may think we have all the facts.  We hear about pros and cons, but the pros tend to be focused on allowing students to engage in academics even in difficult circumstances.  However, did you know that regardless of a student’s situation or reason for turning to online learning, online learning offers some big benefits that can help them to be successful for a lifetime?

Time Management

Time management is a skill developed through necessity and practice.  Online students generally don’t have a teacher telling them exactly when to work on each subject.  There is no “classroom timer”.  Online teachers offer pacing guides and set deadlines for completing work, but how a student stays on pace and meets deadlines is largely up to the student.  Online students learn to manage their time much sooner than traditional students.  

Professional Communication/Self-Advocacy

Knowing when you need help and being able to ask for it can be tricky for some students.  Online schools encourage self-advocacy.  Teachers check in on their students, but students learn to ask specific questions and request the kind of help they need.  Students also learn online communication etiquette.  Our youth are comfortable communicating digitally, but learning to do it professionally is a skill many are lacking.  Online teachers and staff guide students in this important area.


Every parent wants their child to be an independent learner.  Online learning encourages just that.  Students can go in-depth in subjects they are passionate about.  They learn to be their own taskmasters and their own advocates.  It might seem daunting when they begin this journey, but they can rise to the challenge. The opportunities provided by online learning can ensure students’ success now and in the future.