3 Ways Online Schools Can Support Military Families

Military families can face unique challenges when making decisions about education for their children.Online school can provide just the support these families need!

 Families in Motion

Military families seldom stay in one place for long. Depending on the branch of service, they can be required to relocate every two years or even more often than that. Some families move overseas or to remote locations.  The education families want for their children may not be available locally. Online school can provide a high quality, consistent education option for these on-the-go families.


Military family life is often disrupted by a parental deployment. Deployment puts pressure on the whole family. One parent may be left responsible for everything, or children may be depending more on babysitters or grandparents. Older children may have to take more responsibility for younger siblings. The flexibility of online school can take the pressure off families in this area.  Students can work from wherever they are, on their own schedules.

Balancing Schedules

Even when not deployed, military personnel may have very demanding schedules. They may have overnight duty or be gone for a few days. These parents may want to be involved in their children’s schools, but cannot commit to traditional schedules. Online school allows parents to participate in their child’s education on their own schedule. Parents can see the online curriculum with their students, participate in online meetings, and communicate with teachers and mentors.  

The quality and consistency of online education can help ease some of the challenges faced by our military families. To enroll today or learn more about how to get started with enrolling your child in online learning, contact GlobalED Solutions today!