Our Secret Sauce

GlobalED Solutions has a "secret sauce" that not only sets us apart as one of the Nation’s most progressive online education companies but also as one of the world’s foremost supporters of students and families who choose an online, flexible, and blended learning journey. That secret sauce is GlobalED Solutions’ Enrichment Life Coach for middle and high school students. GlobalED Solutions employs diverse people as Life Coaches, encompassing many skills, talents, and ambitions. Our Life Coaches are caring adults who are ready to guide, support, and honor students as they create a pathway for success both socially and academically.

During the challenging months of the Global Pandemic of 2020, GlobalED Solutions has continued to offer its successful Life Coach model, supporting students from all walks of life. The best way to acquaint oneself with the idea of a Life Coach is to listen to what students have to say.

Fradlet, an Enrichment Life Coach from Pueblo, Colorado, asserts that it is his goal to create a strong relationship from the start with each of his students. He believes that consistent, honest, and clear communication propels students to be engaged, developing intrinsic motivation to succeed. Fradlet contacts his students daily and if they have not achieved their short-term goals, he encourages them to improve. He always lets them know that he is there for them. Online students often benefit from extra motivation support, and Fradlet meets that challenge by conducting his expected, everyday check-ins.

Kaylee, a new Enrichment Life Coach for students from the Grand Junction area, believes in ensuring that her students’ complete pre-assessments for courses. The GlobalED Solutions curriculum includes quick pre-course assessments that determine exactly where students will succeed in reading and mathematics.

Kaylee wants her students to be in the classes that are the right fit as she recalls classes from her past that were too easy or too hard. She feels that when a student has this perfect fit they are more likely to want to learn.

Jackie, Enrichment Life Coach from Colorado Springs, believes in GlobalED Solutions’ evidence-based Social-Emotional programming. She is committed to making sure that all of her students engage in materials that support student well-being as they move through engaging lessons and materials which build coping skills and a general Social-Emotional LearningEmotional Learning awareness for life. Jackie believes that these tools help students learn about themselves, which supports success and the achievement of goals.

GlobalED Solutions is ready to share Enrichment Life Coaches with students who want something extra from their online experience. Call us today for more information!