Supporting The Invisible

During this time in our Nation’s history when citizens are focusing on equality and the challenges of marginalized communities, the story of GlobalED Solutions must be told: a story that has not changed since its inception. ​GlobalED Solutions has been supporting the invisible for some time, continuing to welcome students who need another chance and come to the table with hope instead of a predetermined bias.

We were founded, and still share an unwavering belief, that children everywhere deserve opportunities that result in skill development, social-emotional growth, and career readiness; no matter their background, personal situation, or geographic location. This human-centered mindset is foundational as we continually prioritize equity and inclusion. This is what sets GlobalED Solutions apart from the rest.

GlobalED Solutions is a school that serves a variety of students: the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the less-served and students who are not fitting into traditional settings due to various personal needs and goals. We welcome those affected by poverty, food and housing insecurity, and limited parent involvement. Finally, a school that understands chronic and systemic barriers that limit human creative potential.

GlobalED Solutions recognizes that each student is a unique individual with their own needs, desires, talents and dreams. This is why we employ full-time caring and compassionate life coaches whose sole job is understanding, mentoring, and advocating for each student. These life coaches serve as the child's primary educational and social-emotional advocate, bridging and navigating everyday issues with opportunities which advance and build self-efficacy.

GlobalED Solutions is a virtual village of adults who take great pride in serving and advocating for children while providing necessary skills and opening doors for their productive futures. Please join us on our journey. To find out more, contact us now!