What Is Blended Learning?

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a model that uses a mix of both online learning and in-person instructional methods. What makes blended learning such a powerful educational model is that it gives us the ability to support students in the most effective way considering each individual’s situation, offering both flexibility and a high level of support.

In a blended learning school, students have the ability to work from home in an online curriculum, but can also attend a physical location to receive in-person support for academics.

At GlobalED students can experience the amazing benefits of attending a virtual high school, as well as have the in-person support that a traditional school offers.

Blended learning gives flexibility

Every student has their own unique story and set of circumstances, and therefore each student has a different set of needs to become a successful learner and a successful member of society. We recognize this, and embrace it in the way that we educate our students!

 GlobalED offers a blended learning school with a flexible schedule, as well as a variety of educational pathways, which allows our students to gain a quality education that is tailored to each individual student's goals and abilities.

 Our learning environment is supportive of students who have children, work full-time jobs, or have other life situations that might make it difficult to attend traditional public school.

 Advocating for student success

It is not enough to simply assign a student coursework. At GlobalED we strive to teach students effective learning methods, as well as responsible working habits that will carry on into the real world.

Our blended learning programs offer students a high level of communication and support from our staff to ensure that they are on task, progressing towards graduation, and have every tool that they need to succeed in their education.

GlobalED takes great pride in serving and advocating for children while providing necessary skills and opening doors for their productive futures. Please join us on our journey. If you have questions about our blended learning options, contact us today!