What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment

Chances are, you have heard the term “concurrent enrollment” a time or two.  Governor Polis even declared the week of February 15 - 19 as “Concurrent Enrollment Week” in Colorado!  But what is all of the talk about?  What exactly is concurrent enrollment, why is it important, and how might it benefit our students?


What is concurrent enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment (also known as Dual Enrollment) is an opportunity for qualified students to attend college classes while still in high school. These students receive both high school and college credit for those classes. As the students’ high school provider, GlobalED Solutions covers tuition costs for students that meet college entry requirements. With our Concurrent Enrollment Pathway, students are able to earn credits toward their degree or certificate programs before they graduate high school, and have their tuition paid by GobalED!


Why is concurrent enrollment important?

“We know three out of four jobs in Colorado are going to require some sort of postsecondary education,” Colorado Department of Education’s website quotes Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes. “That’s almost 3 million future jobs. We want to be sure the K-12 system prepares students as early as possible for that changing workforce. And Concurrent Enrollment courses along with other options such as internships and apprenticeships are great ways for students to get ready for their next steps beyond high school.” (Colorado Department Of Education)


How can concurrent enrollment benefit our students?

Concurrent enrollment helps our students by allowing them to earn dual enrollment credits for the college classes they take, meaning they receive both high school and college credit at the same time! This saves them time and allows them to streamline their focus toward their personal goals. Concurrent enrollment also offers significant financial benefits, both in saved tuition costs and in higher earnings potential for our graduates. No wonder everyone is talking about concurrent enrollment! Contact GlobalED today to learn more about this model of dual enrollment that allows for unique advantages for high school students wanting to get ahead.