Five Things A Student Needs to Be Successful in an Online Environment

At GlobalED Solutions, we have been educating students online since we started! We know what works! Aside from the obvious, like access to technology and an internet connection, both of which we can help provide for our students, here are five things we feel are necessary to be successful in an online learning environment. All of them can be summed up by the word “Connection,” and not the Wi-Fi kind!

  1. Connection with Adults who Care

  2. Every student at GlobalED Solutions has a Life Coach they meet with weekly. Their Coach helps them with scheduling, planning, pacing, problem-solving, and much more.

  3. Connection with their Teachers

  4. Our teachers are accessible to our students. Teachers offer live help sessions and are available daily through chats, hangouts, and emails.

  5. Connection to their Learning Platforms

  6. Through our Student Portal, our students can access all their curriculum quickly and easily from one place.

  7. Connection with their Peers

  8. We offer Virtual Education Zones, where students can meet and connect with Life Coaches, Student Support Coordinators, and other students. Students meet weekly in Virtual Arts, Virtual Sports, and Virtual Makerspace to share creative time, guided meditations, or workouts.

  9. Connection to Opportunities

  10. Postsecondary workforce readiness is more important than ever in our changing world. We offer students opportunities for Career and Technical Education (CTE) certification and internships, Concurrent Enrollment in college classes, and more!