How Online School Prepares Students for the Workforce

Many schools, educators, and parents are focused on college readiness and getting students accepted to the “right” college. A four year degree is a great path for some students whose future goals require that level of education or even a higher degree. However, there are many well-paying careers that do not require a four year degree. How are schools, and particularly online schools, serving these students and ensuring that they have the skills and background necessary for success in their career paths?

Workforce Readiness

At GlobalED Solutions in Colorado, students can choose a traditional plan of study for college readiness, or if they wish, they can choose the Workforce Readiness track. Students on this plan of study sign a contract and enter into a rigorous plan of study based around workforce readiness. Their pathway culminates in taking six ACT WorkKeys tests which focus on workplace skills. They earn the NCRC, a well recognized certificate of workforce readiness from ACT, which they can take to employers to demonstrate their skills, plus these students demonstrate competency in Business Writing, Applied Technology, and other job related skills.

Certification Courses

Some career paths require certification courses, such as Microsoft Office or CompTIA. At GlobalEd solutions, students can embark on certification pathways with GlobalED’s internal course offerings, and staff members can help students to register for certification exams once courses are complete. For other certifications, students may be able to attend their local community college as concurrent enrollment students.

Concurrent Enrollment and ASCENT

Qualified students have the opportunity to take approved courses at their local community college at no cost to them or their families through concurrent enrollment and ASCENT programs. Students may earn their CNA certification to become a nurses assistant, certificates in Early Childhood Learing, Cosmetology, IT, and more even while they are still in high school. For qualifying students, GlobalED also participates in ASCENT, a program by which a student who meets certain requirements may stay enrolled in the high school for an additional year while taking a full year of college courses at no cost.


GlobalED also partners with CareerWise, a student apprenticeship program that places qualified students with employers who are willing to mentor and train students in a career. CareerWise offers statewide opportunities in many fields, including Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Manufacturing, Financial Services, and more. Students usually sign up for a two year commitment that includes their senior year as well as a “gap year” to bridge the gap between graduation and regular employment. These apprenticeships are paid and offer training, both on and off the job.

With so many opportunities, students at GlobalED can graduate high school with confidence that they will be able to enter a career path that provides for them and allows for advancement.