Three Ways Online School Is Good for Student Mental Health

Traditional schools may not be a great fit for every student, especially for students with mental health concerns. Making the switch to an online school like GlobalED Solutions can be a positive change, especially if a student’s mental health needs are not being met at their current school. 


Anxiety in young people has surged in recent years. Students in traditional schools may experience performance anxiety or negative forms of competition. They may not feel comfortable gathering in large groups, or the length of the traditional schoolday may be overtaxing. As an alternative to traditional school, GlobalED Solutions offers a more flexible schedule for completing work. The online curriculum prepares students for college, certificate programs, or the workforce, while allowing students to create a schedule that works for them. Community Education Zones allow students to meet with school staff or to be with other students in smaller groups. Students can complete daily assignments when and where they feel comfortable to work. In addition, staff members work with students to assess and support social and emotional wellbeing.


Sadly, many students in traditional school settings are the victims or perpetrators of bullying. Taking these students out of their environment and placing them in online school can be a healthy way to break the cycle. Options such as BASE social and emotional learning courses at GlobalED Solutions can help students to work through issues related to bullying. They can also participate in group or one-on-one counseling sessions with a licensed professional. In the meantime, students can focus on their schoolwork, delivered online.


Violent events at schools seem to happen all too frequently. For students and their families, safety at school is a priority. Online schools like GlobalED Solutions allow students to work from home or any place they feel safe. Students have the opportunity to meet with staff members, either in person or virtually, and to participate in group activities and community connection events, but they are not required to be at school every day. Given recent highly publicized violence at schools, the opportunity to learn from home can give everyone more peace of mind.

Students and families are looking for ways to combat anxiety and to keep kids safe from bullying and school violence. They are prioritizing student mental health, and online schools like GlobalED Solutions are too!