Is Online School Better For People With ADHD?

Every student is different, and the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education does not work for all students. Some students with ADHD fall into this category and are struggling just to get through the day in a brick and mortar school setting. Could online school be a good option for students with ADHD?

Students with ADHD struggle to sit still and pay attention. They need frequent breaks and fewer distractions. They can be sensitive to fluorescent lighting and to the hum of heating or cooling systems or of electronic devices. Sitting in a traditional, fluorescent lit classroom surrounded by the distractions of other students and electrical systems humming and buzzing away can be a recipe for disaster for these kids! 

Working online from home can be exactly what these students need. Learning in a quiet, familiar atmosphere helps students with ADHD to find focus. Also, in a program like the one provided by GlobalED Solutions, students work at their own pace. When they need a break, they can take one, refocus, and return to their work on their own time. Students work closely with their assigned Life Coach, who meets with them weekly, is available daily, and helps them to set and meet daily goals. Life Coaches can teach students strategies for time management and recommend smart “brain breaks” that work to help them to get back on task when they return to work time.

Parents may be concerned about their child’s social interactions if they are doing school online, but online school has been around for quite some time and there are many ways to work around this potential issue. GlobalED Solutions has Education Zones across Colorado, where students can meet with their Life Coach, other staff, and other students. They also offer programs and clubs. In addition, students who work online can tailor their schedules in order to have more time to participate in extracurricular activities like sports and arts. These outlets can be just what these students need, and yet, when they are struggling in traditional school, they may not get to participate in extras because of their academic performance.

When a student is struggling in a traditional school setting, a change is needed. Online programs like GlobalED Solutions can help meet students with ADHD where they are at and help them to reach their potential.