High School to Career Pathways

High school graduation is just around the corner for many high school seniors and their families. Some students have some idea of their path moving forward, whether it is college or technical training, or entering the workforce right away. However, there are a growing number of high school graduates who are feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to future planning. What can schools do to ensure their graduates have every opportunity to chart a path forward that works for them?

Start Early

At some high schools, students are offered the chance to explore career pathways beginning in 9th grade. GlobalED Solutions, which offers online and blended learning for high school and middle school students, encourages students to explore career opportunities from the beginning of their high school career. Students can find out if a career is right for them by trying introductory courses such as Digital Photography, Early Childhood Education, Introduction to Nursing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Coding, Computer Programming, and more.  If they fall in love with a career path, they can pursue certification programs like Adobe Certified Professional, Food Handler or Manager Certification, CompTIA IT Certification, or they may work toward stackable certificates that dovetail into a four year college program like Certified Nursing Assistant for a career in the health industry, or Child Development Associate building towards a career in education or the social sciences.  Some students may even be able to begin their college classes while still in high school through concurrent enrollment.

Options for Every Student

Not every student wants or needs a four year degree in order to have a successful career. However, most high schools seem to put the most effort towards students who are prepping for college. GlobalED Solutions offers a college preparation plan of study for those students who are on that path, but, for those who are not, just as much effort is put into their plan of study. Students can choose from a variety of pathways including: Business Management and Administration, Creative Media, Education, Health and Medical Technology, Hospitality, IT, Social Science, and the Workforce Readiness Pathway.

All students deserve the same level of dedication to their future planning, whether they are working towards college admission, industry certifications, or joining the workforce right away. GlobalED Solutions works to ensure that all students are able to make their dreams a reality and get started on a successful career path, beginning in high school. Graduation from high school is a milestone, but the pathway beyond graduation can be clear if students have been given the opportunity to explore career pathways during their time in high school.