What Are State Tests, And How Can I Support My Child Taking Them?

State Testing is an essential component of any student’s education. Testing may also be stressful for some students and families when it is not clear what the tests entail or what they can mean for students. This blog helps serve as a guide to understand what exactly state testing is, why it is important and a few tips to support the students in your life!

What Are State Tests, and How Can I Support My Child Taking Them?

As parents, we want to support our kids in every aspect of their lives, including their academic endeavors. State testing is one of the critical components of your child's education that you need to focus on.

State Tests – What Are They?

State tests are a form of assessment used by schools and districts to evaluate student learning, school effectiveness, and academic achievement at the end of the academic year. In some areas, state tests are used to determine which student gets held back or moves on to the next level. Like other states, Colorado uses different tests to measure.

How to Help Your Child Prepare For Their State Tests

If your little learner has trouble taking state tests, there are some things you can do to help them prepare for their tests.

  • Find out what test they will be taking

Knowing which tests your child will be taking can help you support them better. So, find out which tests will be administered, how the school will use the test, and the means of evaluation.

  • Hold them to a set schedule in the weeks surrounding the tests

The best way to plan for your child's tests is to hold them to a set schedule a few weeks before the tests. This helps them to focus on their tests and keeps them on track to attain their goals.

  • Try some practice tests

Give your little learner time to practice so they can know what to expect. Read with your kid regularly to help them expand their vocabulary.

  • Give them support and encouragement

Give your child support and encourage them to remain positive before and during the tests. This can make them feel confident to face the tests.

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