How to Establish A Successful Online Learning Routine?

How to Establish a Successful Online Learning Routine?

Online schooling provides many advantages, but it can be difficult for parents and students to be fully engaged with the learning process.

Other activities in our daily lives can often be a distraction, so the professionals at GlobalED Solutions recommend establishing a good routine to help students both focus on their school work, and enjoy the social and recreational parts of their lives as well.

How to Establish a Routine

A successful online learning routine takes into account all the needs of students, and the best way to ensure anyone can stick to it is to establish a balanced schedule that can be easily repeated throughout the week.

1. Setting the Schedule

Parents can design the schedule of the students going into a lot of details, such as:
● Wake up time
● Recreational activity time (going for a walk, riding a bike, etc.)
● Online school schedule
● Homework schedule

2. Don’t Let the Online Learning Routine Be Monotonous

Routine doesn't equal monotony, so parents should ensure the routine is engaging, not just repetitive. One way to address this is to make sure the activities require changing the environment the students are in.

3. Develop Good Habits

Organizational skills help the student navigate through different tasks much easier and faster, so parents should focus on building these skills.

Integrating Break Times

Breaks are just as important as online classes and homework. They can allow students to relax and give their minds enough time to recharge. 10-minute breaks every 50 minutes is GlobalED Solutions’ best online learning routine recommendation to ensure the student doesn’t get overworked with schooling.

Break times can also be active, such as:

● Going for a walk
● Playing with their pet
● Playing a sport
● Doing a relaxing activity such as painting

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