How to Better Your Student’s Mental Health

How to Better Your Student’s Mental Health

Let’s face it, our youth have been through a lot. Some are calling it a nationwide mental health crisis. So, what can we do to better the mental health of our students? At GlobalED Solutions, our students have a broad support network, beginning with their life coach.


Our students are each assigned a life coach who will be meeting with them weekly and checking in with them daily to see how they are doing. Research shows that just one caring adult in the life of a teen can make an enormous difference in student well-being.


With their life coach, each student will complete our onboarding course, My Life. Through this course, coaches will get to know their students and students will have the opportunity to take helpful courses from our social and emotional partner BASE. These courses are extremely user-friendly and cover such topics as Stress Management, Life Changes, and Learning to Say “No Thanks”. Students can explore more courses as needed - courses such as Anger Management, Anxiety, and Substance Abuse.


As a student’s life coach learns more about them, they can recommend clubs and groups we offer at GlobalED. We offer a variety in person and virtual clubs and programs. Each is specific to the interests of our regional student populations. Students who are connected with others are more likely to have good attendance in classes and a positive attitude about school.


Should a student experience difficult times or circumstances, the GlobalED team is there to surround them with support services. From their life coach to their teachers and support staff, GlobalED students have an extensive network of caring adults to see them through the toughest of times and to celebrate with them when things are going well. While we can’t erase the past, we can be here for our students in the present. Through connection, awareness, involvement, and with support, we can help better our students' mental health.