Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

 The effects of the pandemic have forced many students and teachers to embrace online learning tools and methodologies at a faster rate than most would feel comfortable with. Our online tools will help ensure students get the best experience in a sustainable way.

Online Learning Tools for Teacher to Student and Parent to Student

 The GlobalED Solutions Life Coaches identify two main areas of focus:

 1. Self-Management

 This refers to allowing students to express their feelings and emotions in key moments where they are feeling overwhelmed as a way to re-energize themselves and get them back on their learning path.

 Some ways to achieve this goal include:

● Giving students space where they can share thoughts and feelings.

● Identifying behavioral issues of the children and developing a special framework for them.

● Help students identify and implement coping mechanisms for moments when they feel overwhelmed.

 2. Social-Awareness

 Online learning can be isolating for a lot of students, so it’s important to take the time and allow them to reflect on how this new learning model affects them.

 Students can:

● Discuss their feelings with a person they trust.

● Take part in discussions designed to address their fears and concerns.

 Connect to the Life Coaches Offered by GlobalED Solutions

 GlobalED Solutions is here to help students transition to online learning. Our Life Coaches can bring emotional awareness and ways to cope with the new rules and standards of online learning to the online learning experience to ensure all students can navigate this new educational landscape successfully.

If you want to learn more about social and emotional learning, GlobalED Solutions can help, contact us today!