5 Characteristics Of Outstanding Online Students

5 Characteristics Of Outstanding Online Students

Many of today’s students are choosing to complete school online, but how do we ensure success? At GlobalED, we have found that there is a set of skills that is important to a student’s success. The good news is that we can help them develop characteristics of great online students!

1. Self-motivation

Students need to want to be successful to reach that graduation finish line! At GlobalED Solutions, we understand that even the most self-motivated students occasionally need encouragement to set goals and stay on track. This is why each GlobalED student is assigned a life coach to guide and encourage them.

2. Ability to self-advocate

Students at all levels are more successful when they are able to self-advocate.  GlobalED coaches encourage students to ask questions, help them to contact teachers, and help them to take advantage of support services. 

3. Self-awareness

A successful online student is becoming aware of what works best for them.  They have already determined that they would like to work at their own pace, with the flexibility of online classes.  As they continue, they begin to understand what times of day work best for them, what study environment helps them to focus, and the need to take breaks. 

4. Commitment to reading thoroughly

Reading skills translate to higher grades and greater success!  At GlobalED, each student is assessed in Reading at the beginning of the school year.  If reading intervention is needed, the student is assigned to a reading program and supported by GlobalED teachers. 

5. Time management skills

One of the benefits students gain from an online school is the ability to manage their own time - a skill that will help them in college, on the job, and in life!

It turns out that outstanding online students are outstanding individuals!  They are developing important life skills while completing their classes.  GlobalED coaches, teachers, and support staff are here to help them every step of the way!